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Sep 20, 2007 06:45 AM

bon chon chicken

I just discovered the new Lotte in Germantown....clean, bright, lots of great stuff....but inside were two independent stores that I particularly liked. There is a bon chon chicken; I never heard of it, but they had an article from NY times up...sounded interesting so I tried it..Great, not greasy, crispy, tasty fried chicken!!!I They are not very meaty, but the taste is wonderful..comes in two flavors, soy chicken and a spicier's a bit pricey for chicken legs, but well worth it..there is a blog on the NY board..people are raving about it The other store was a very reasonable sushi carryout, fresh, much cheaper than the regular sushi carryouts.....hate to let out a good secret, but oh well!!!

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  1. The Sushi place in the produce section has great stuff! I would highly recommend it. And the prices are crazy low. If you go there at about 7pm the chef will sell you anything half price. We went back 2 days in a row and he gave us a free sushi cone! Definitely worth checking out.

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      Did you miss the full food court on the other side of the store from Bon Chon and the sushi bar? There are 3 or 4 different stands serving different regional Korean cuisine. Great stuff!

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        PJ4, Thanks for the tip...DanielK, I did see the food court, but no one was I didn't check it out! will do, next time

    2. Wow. I went today and carried out 20 of the soy/garlic wings and managed to get three for myself while my family fought over the rest. My son came with me and he could not stop saying "I am hungry" as we drove home. Amazing, perfectly fried chicken - very juicy inside, crispy out and addictively tangy. Not very messy at all and I was roundly criticized for not getting 40 pieces. My wife is already planning to head there tomorrow to do it all again.

      20 minutes start to finish should you go - maybe you can call ahead?

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        Yes, they encourage you to call ahead!