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Sep 20, 2007 06:06 AM

Aaron's Gourmet in Queens, NY

Does anyone know anything about this place? It was written up in Metro this morning (gotta love free newspapers on the train) and sounds awesome.

Whats the story with the hechsher of O.K.S. (Rabbi Harry Cohen)?


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  1. I was told that he is supposedly "Orthodox", he is discussed in detail in another post. I have looked at their website many times and some of the items they list are not available glatt kosher. (I have done serious investigation.) Especially not at the prices they offer. They claim that they use glatt, but i doubt it, After speaking with the butcher on the phone, i felt a little unsure. If you find out otherwise let me know,

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      People, who keep strictly kosher generally are not satisfied with his hasgachah.

      1. re: havdalahclub

        Any update on this? Are you saying that people who insist on glatt are not happy with the hasgachah? I do not really care about glatt but I do care about kosher.

        I noticed they had duck breasts on their site as well, I've never seen those in a kosher butcher (turducken too, as is also discussed here).

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          Well I understand that in the United States there is no kosher meat that is not glatt as the market doesn't support. If the meat is from Canada or elsewhere that may not be the case.

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            Except for Hebrew National, which is probably the largest kosher beef butcher in the country (certainly now with the termination of Rubashkins meat processing).

    2. Did you read about the turducken that they are carrying? Anyone try it?

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        Yes, I've ordered a truducken twice and they are fabulous. Very pleased with shipment on time and packed well. Make sure you're home to receive it, not a big deal if not, its frozen.

      2. This will probably sound like a stupid question, but here is goes anyway. I don't keep kosher, although I like certain kosher foods. I'm looking for a good source for wild salmon, and grass fed steak in the Queens area (Aaron's on Woodhaven is very convenient to me). Was going there to check them out tonight, and was wondering what does the certification problem mean exactly? Does it mean the meat isn't inspected by at least the same standards that one would find at Whole Foods or Citarella? Or is just indicative of certain kosher dietary laws of handling that aren't being observed, but that the meat is still safe and sanitary, and coming from safe sources?

        Thank you for the clarification, and do any other people shop there that don't keep kosher? A somewhat lost member of the tribe!

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          Kosher certification has nothing to do with FDA rules--of course all stores in the US--kosher, hallal or not have to comply with those rules. It has to do with the kosher rules such as whether milk and meat are separated, whether shellfish is in contact with the meat--nothing to do with general FDA rules at all. People have different certifications that they trust as reliable--I think that's what the person was commenting on--not whether the place met FDA approval.

          1. re: tomby

            Thank you for the explanation. I popped in there for a minute last night, and didn't get it. I didn't see any meat on display, only a wood counter with guys behind it and big tables. I can't shop like that. I need to see things in a display case. The place looked like a real dump. One of the mysteries to me about so many Kosher places, is why the obsessive nature over the certification when so many of the places look like they should be shut down by the health dept, doesn't that matter?? A place like that would never be allowed to operate in the European union....Too bad, because I thought it might be a good resource, but I don't shop in places that are visibly so unclean looking, and just disorganized ,etc. The meat and fish might be fresh, but the place doesn't look very appetizing.