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Sep 20, 2007 05:40 AM

Germantown/Gaithersburg dinners

I will be staying in Germantown on business next week and will need to have dinner with a colleague 3 nights. He lives in Ohio and craves MD-style seafood but likes a lot of cuisines. I favor independently operated places that use fresh local ingredients and offer good value. $50/head including a couple glasses of wine is the optimal ceiling. Here are the Zagat-rated joints with 20+ food scores:

Germantown: India Palace, Moby Dick, Agrodolce, French Quarter Cafe, and Mi Rancho
Gaithersburg: Hakuba, Minerva, Tandoori Nights, Moby Dick (again), New Fortune, and Tara T

Thoughts? Opinions? Additional suggestions? One thing missing so far is local seafood. Thanks in advance from a Durham, NC Chowhound.

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