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Smoked fish

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Hi Board,

My wife and I are hosting our first family event in our Jackson Heights apt and it is the after fast meal for Saturday night. I need find a place in the Queens where I can get smoked white fish, pickled herring is cream sauce and all the usually "Jewish" break fast supplies. I know I can go to Zabars or fairway in Manhattan, but rather give money to a neighborhood store.


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  1. Well there's Acme, which is in Greenpoint, which is almost Queens. They are open only on Friday morning, which would work


    1. Check out Fantasy Foods - not sure if their fish kosher certified, but I'm pretty sure it is...

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        Acme is a good recommendation however be prepared for a long wait for service as the holiday crowd will be lined up 10 deep..

      2. I jut finished writing a post in which I implored people to frequent their local eateries, so first let me say thank you for expressing the desire to do the same. :-}
        If we dont support them, they will not stay in business and we'll all lose out.

        As for your posting: I would recc you also post your request on the Kosher Board.
        If that doesn't work, contact a local synagogue to ask who they use for catering.
        Have a great meal!

        1. Your best bet is:
          Rego Smoked Fish Company
          69-80 75th Street
          Middle Village, Queens
          It's a little hole in the wall, but great quality, excellent prices. Check to see what their hours are, and expect it will be mobbed for the holiday.