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Sep 20, 2007 04:57 AM

Pairing and Sharing on SOBE

If you have grown weary of the snarky café society in South Beach with its velvet ropes, rowdy exhibitionists and requisite deafening soundtrack, I have good news for you. Vino Miami Wine Bar & Boutique is a milestone in beach culture combining courtesy and good taste. This chic wine bar exists someplace between a club and a house party. Its convivial atmosphere attracts an appealing mature crowd including a fascinating array of local characters from CEOs to nurses to service workers all eager for intelligent dialogue. Amidst the minimalist décor, where background music is truly in the background, meaningful conversation flows effortlessly often inspired by monthly wine tasting events led by experts from the wine producing regions around the world.

You can relax on a comfortable lounge with companions and enjoy a bottle of wine and appetizers or belly up to the bar and make new “quality” friends. On occasion a vintage film is screened that represents the same terroir as the evenings tasting. The scrumptious gourmet menu of sushi, foie gras, salads, imported meat & cheese plates, fondues and desserts designed to pair specifically with the wine creates a seamless tasting experience that enhances an impressive selection of small production artisan wines and champagne. If you’re looking for an elegant venue for a special event this is a perfect choice.

“Real wine for real people”, says Gigi Olah, owner and charming hostess of Vino Miami, she believes, “Wine should be enjoyed with friends, where you're able to talk to each other.” She has created an atmosphere that reflects her personality, friendly professional and un-intimidating which forms a synergy that heightens the usual wine bar experience. She is committed to discovering high quality-price ratio wines and introducing them informatively to her guests. This exceptional wine bar & boutique which is breaking boundaries through breaking bread is located on 16th St. between Washington & Collins.

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  1. I am a wine philistine by choice. I've been around way to many connoisseurs trying to out do each other with their knowledge of grape strains and vintage years. It annoys the crap out of me. To describe a wine as “insolent” or having a “risque” body is weak word choice at best, but is more likely attempted elitism. Having said that, 2top has got it right about Vino Miami. I've been there a few times. The first time I went kicking and screaming. The last thing I wanted was to be around another group sipping and sniffing glasses while they pulled outrageous adjectives out of their corks. However, what I found was a very accessible establishment with a welcoming staff and diverse crowd. (So much for my stereotyping) I went willingly there after and have had an enjoyable time on each visit. I still have no interest in learning the details of the particular wines, just like I have no interest in learning about NASCAR. But at Vino Miami I feel comfortable asking anyone there to recommend a bottle, and they have always been gracious with me in my ignorance.