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Sep 20, 2007 03:53 AM

Suggestions for quick evening meals

When I get home from work I really can't be bothered to spend a lot of time cooking - though I also don't just like putting ready meals in the oven / microwave. I'm in need of some help with some quick dishes that are easy to put together (for 1 person), I'm not a wiz in the kitchen so some easy things would be great.

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  1. Cut up some not so spoilable veggies - onions, tomatoes, and peppers on Sunday and stack them in a tupperware in your fridge. Then you're ready for:
    Grilled Sandwiches, or even
    Stir Fry when ya get home through the week

    Pasta w.canned tuna is actually not so bad, and since the can is now open you can use the rest for a sandwich or something the next day :)

    There's also a couple EatingWell cookbooks "Healthy in a a Hurry" & "Eatingwell serves 2". A bunch of their recipes (sans salads) reheat really well, and are easy to scale down to smaller portions if you can convert 1/4 cup into 4 Tablespoons ! The majority of them are on their website, too.. but you gotta work a little harder in advance to print them before going home (

    Otherwise Annie's Mac or Fantastic Foods make some pretty good (and healthy) dry box things that you can easily add any fresh/frozen veggies shortly after 'just add water'.

    1. I'd go with pasta as first choice for easy meals. Jarred sauce and fresh vegetables, meat if you choose, and voila dinner.

      I see you're in London--I'm not sure if crock pots are commonly used there. They are a great choice for an easy meal after work. You can set it up the night before, keep it in the fridge and start cooking in the morning. Pot roast, chicken, chili, other soups are all fantastic and it's great to come home to the smell of something delicious. Here we have frozen product available for crockpots that you just toss in.

      I'm not sure if you have salad bars at grocers as commonly as in the US (maybe Whole Foods in London?) but they are a great source of cut up veggies--you can buy them in smaller amounts so you're not stuck buying more food than you can eat before it spoils.

      You might also try Whole Foods for frozen prepared rice. Great with stir fries and curries. I'd also suggest checking out an Indian market for prepared curry mixes to add to meat/veggies.

      1. I'm totally with you, Chr15...I second what the other posters have said about veg and omelets--I go shopping about once or twice a week and buy several different vegetables, and toss them in omelets in various combinations. the other thing I end up doing is eating a lot of snack-type foods for "dinner," things like edamame, yogurt & fruit, hummus & crudites, rather than a full-on dinner. easier, quicker, and more fun. every once in a while I'll roast a chicken and live off of that for a week. chicken salad, chicken sandwiches, coronation chicken, chicken soup...yum.

        1. The real "open sesame" is a crock pot or slow cooker and a good crock pot cookbook. You don't have to be super cook. If you get one with a removable crock, you can put everything, or almost everything, in it the night before and store it in the refrigerator. Then, in the morning, just put the insert into the heating shell and turn it on.