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Sep 19, 2007 09:35 PM

leftover brisket bolognese, with no one to stop me

Does anybody remember an article somewhere in the last six months or so, with a basic formula and variations on ragu using many kinds of meat including leftover cooked meats? I wasn't able to track it down today, but I remember reading it recently. Anyhow, the leftovers from our Rosh Hashana brisket weren't getting any younger, so I decided what the heck, I could try to turn it into treyf.

So I chopped up a lot of celery and a little carrot and softened them in oil and butter on the stove. Then I threw in about five cups of brisket and onion gravy (my brisket is the purist's purest, just beef and onions, salt and pepper, and it generates a lot of great jus) with a couple of cloves, allspice berries and juniper berries, a bay leaf and a sprig of thyme. And a cup of milk. I let that bubble gently for an hour, then added a can of San Marzanos and cooked it another two hours. Man, that was good!

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  1. If you had thrown in some potatoes instead of tomatoes, you would have had something distantly related to brisket hash!

    1. Turthfully, I rarely have leftover brisket, as my brother will take home leftovers. But when I do, I turn it into BBQ beef. Shred or pull brisket apart, add any leftover au jus, mix in BBQ sauce, a little Lea & Perrins, any leftover veggies. Heat and put on kaiser rolls or hamburger buns. This also freezes great in individual portions and is a great timesaver for those days when kids, husband and I all want something different or not able to eat together and need something fast.

      1. Graaggh... sorry. I just got drool all over my keyboard.