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Sep 19, 2007 09:22 PM

Capozzolli's Las Vegas- burned down!!

The news this AM on the local Vegas news was the huge fire that destroyed Capozzolli's resto at around 1:10am.

The resto's been there for 19 years, and per reports, the owner had just locked up and left for the night, at 1am...15 minutes later, it was a flaming pile of....ashes and memories.

This has been my fave Italian place for about 4 years, right after The Bootlegger moved from their old location. (I just keep forgetting they have a new place! I need to get on over there, now)

Capozzolli's was on Desert Inn, and Maryland Parkway. I'm so bummed out about the news....RIP Capozzolli's.

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  1. Could not agree more...OMG that is sad. What a wonderful old world style Italian restaurant it was! I have very fond memories of some of the best Italian food in Las Vegas. I am sad!

    1. One of the original co-owners of Capozzolli's opened a new spot, Casa Di Amore, a couple of years ago. 2850 East Tropicana. Some of the staff left to go with him, and the menu is almost identical, with the same "old school" feel. Still my favorite "Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers" to be had in Las Vegas.

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        OMG, this is actually -excellent- news, thank you so much QAW! Casa Di Amore is really close to our fave Japanese resto in town (Fuji, closer to the corner of Pecos and Trop) and we've allways wondered about CDA as we drive by. We'll go try it this weekend, my husband will be thrilled!

      2. Wow. Glad I made it in on my last trip. It was indeed an excellent old school Ital meal.