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Sep 19, 2007 08:53 PM

Musha Santa Monica - closed for renovation

Walked up to the door and read it and wept. Renovating for the first time in 25 years according to the sign (at least that's what I thought it said through the blurry vision caused by the tears). If anyone else has future updates on the reopening please post them.

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  1. I was scheduled to have my birthday dinner there on Friday and they called Thursday night to tell me that they had to close for the weekend because of problems with the Health and Fire departments due to their exhaust system. I would assume the renovation has something to do with that so hopefully it'll be fast!

    1. I called yesterday to double check the status of my reservation and they verified that they're open next week, just in time for the Unofficial Westside Chowhound Meetup in the tatami room.

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          Yes, it's still on. I'm going to call again later during the week to triple check.


        1. Just got to the one in Torrance for now...anyway it's way better than the one in Santa Monica.

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