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Sep 19, 2007 08:14 PM

Who has good dungeonous crabs (Markham)?

Craving for dungeonous crabs chinese style. Where do you suggest I go and what style should I get them (salt and pepper, black bean, ginger and sallion, etc)?

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  1. Head down a little further south to 'Fantasy Eatery' ( Finch/Midland ). Currently they have their annual 'crab promotion' on. $12 per crab!!! At least 10 different ways of preparation to choose from. Ranging from cold Chui Chow style ( only $9.99 ), steamed with Shao Hsing wine and chicken fat, Typhoon shelter stlye ie.,wok fried with minced garlic and dried chili, scallions and ginger, black bean sauce, curry, pepper and salt.....etc. At that price, why not gather up a few friends and try out a few. They are all cooked to a very high standard! Enjoy!

    1. No offence intended.... dungeness. (Dungeonous would mean like a dungeon.)

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        None taken. I was just too lazy to look it up. Thanks!

        Thanks also Charles for the advice. I'm getting hungry now...

      2. Also in Scarborough, Fisherman's Villa. On Glenwatford just just off Sheppard. They have crab served in several different ways....steamed with rice, stir fried with ginger green onion, malay style..... (not the same crab, one crab style per dish)

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          I'm really curious to taste this delicacy, but what I think is holding me back is ignorance of how to eat it. Is it more difficult than shelling a lobster?

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            Hello Wiley! Go for it!! Its well worth the struggle! Ha!
            Anyways, when preparing the crab the 'oriental way', the cook almost always chop up the crab in big pieces before cooking, except for the shell, which is normally kept intact so as to keep the delicate tomales (?) in place. As to how to tackle the beast. The shell of the meaty legs and claws can easily be cracked by the shell cracker usually provided. I liked to use my molars since I find the shell relatively soft ( at least for the legs ). Once the shells are cracked, its just a matter of peeling the shell off exposing the succulent meat. As for the body, a whole bunch of the lump meat are imbedded between the soft cartilages. So the best way is to pick up the piece by fork or chop-sticks and just bite into it. Try extracting the meat using your tongue and teeth. Since Dungeness is much bigger and meatier than say the east coast blue crab, its much less 'frustrating' eating them. However, be prepared to have messy fingers afterwards!! Enjoy!!

            1. re: Charles Yu

              Thanks, Charles--I'm gonna do it!