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Sep 19, 2007 07:35 PM

Looking for a Great Taco Cart!

We spend a lot of time in Mexico and love the simple Taqueria's and street food there. Last summer we had a party and hired a local Taqueria to "cater", they arrived with a cart and made tortilla's on-site and cooked chicken and some other kind of meat, I think it was pork ,on a griddle on the cart. On a side table were bowls of cilantro, onion, pineapple w/ cilantro and various salsas. Does anyone know of any great Taco Carts in Philadelphia? I am planning a surprise birthday party for my husband and would love to have a Taco Cart and a guy grilling corn (with lime and chile) and other traditional Mexican Street Food. i plan to get in to town in the next few days to sample some street fare and would love to know who's the best!
Thank you.

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  1. The only tacos I've had here that stack up to the ones I have had at home (San Diego) are at Tacos Don Memo, on 38th and Sansom. Granted, I haven't tried many mexican places outside university city, but this one's tacos al pastor were deliciously spicy, and the fresh horchata was absolutely fantastic. I don't know if they'll cater a party though.

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      Wow. Just had lunch at (or: sitting on the curb next to) Tacos Don Memo. Kick-ass carnitas, great salsas. Delicious fresh flavors that remind me of the cal-mex I miss from L.A. At $2 per well-stuffed taco and $1 for excellent horchata, you can easily eat an outstanding lunch here for 5 bucks w/ Mex food that's better than most of the stuff I've tried in Philly and NYC for the last 10 years.

    2. There is a taco "cart" that comes to the Farmers Market at headhouse square on Sundays that is very good (IMHO, and lots of others based on the line) This Sunday they only had either zucchini blossom or mushroom and cheese quesadillas, but every other week they have had a large selection of tacos. They make the tortillas on site and in past weeks have had a large "spit" of meat (like at the Greek gyros places).
      My other suggestion would be to go through the area south of Washington avenue from 9th to 13th and check out the amazing number of mexican places thathave come to that area in the last several years. There are a number of very good ones - I am sure others will post their favs - but I don't know who would cater. Good luck! And let us know what you find! Sounds like a great idea for a party!

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        According to LaBan (see link), the taco cart at the Headhouse farmers market is from Los Taquitos de Puebla, which is my favorite taqueria. It's on 9th below Washington. I loved the restaurant's tacos al pastor (pork roasted on the spit with a pineapple--from influence of Lebanese immigrants to Mexico), but the last time I went the pork was disappointingly tough. Hopefully that was a one time event.

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          I just met with Juan Carlos and Silvestre at Los Taquito de Puebla on S 9th Street. They were wonderful and accomodating. They bring the cart to your home with everything. Our party is in October, hopefully it'll be a success, I'm off to a great start! Thank you.

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            That's pretty awesome, how far do they travel?

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              Don't know how far they'll travel but they didn't mind going from 9th Street ou to the Main Line.

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                So how did that work out? How much did they charge?

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              that is awesome! i actually just saw this post and was going to suggest exactly that (los taquitos de puebla). i met with them nearly a year ago to organize actually, a chowhound dinner, and they were SOOOO lovely and accommodating and friendly. their food was great and i wish their business all the best!

              please do let us know how your event turns out!!

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                I'm still full from that wonderful dinner!

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