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Sep 19, 2007 07:01 PM

US Kitchen Nightmares, Episode 1

I'm not going to say too much because it hasn't aired on the West coast yet.

I had high hopes for this show... I love the English version. The shows' recipe for success is very simple, but effective. Gordon goes in, figures out what's going wrong, and helps them fix it as best he can in a week. Usually it involves changing the menu, and occasionally changing the staff... Alas it seems that Fox just didn't 'get' it! I could tell from the first five minutes of the show that it was likely to suck, because it took TEN MINUTES OF SHOW for Gordon Ramsay to even get to make an appearance! I stuck it out for about 45 minutes and then I'd had enough. For one thing, where was the food?! It was all people cursing at each other (bleeped out of course since it's prime time) and enough advertisement breaks to sink a ship. It'll get one more chance, and then I'll find something else to watch...

What did you think?

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  1. I agree on the food aspect, but he did appear to do what he came to do, and that was fix the place, I never liked Gordo before tonight, but thought he handled Peter quite well...must say i expected a fist fight

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    1. re: jword2001

      Peter, was in a few words, something else. :-) Almost a caricature of a character in Good Fellas or The Godfather (which he obviously has watched over and over again). That kitchen was the pits to work in (although next week's previews look even worse!).

      I wasn't sure there was going to be a turnaround. I would be even more impressed to see Gordon Ramsay go back in 6-9 months to see how they're still doing.

      1. re: LindaWhit

        Agree on all points, Linda. I only hope Peter was doing more acting than being real (as is the case with most of Fox's so-called "reality shows").

        The more I see of Mr. Ramsay, the more I like him. I admit to not having seen the BBC originals of this show, but I'm going to make a point to find them on the satellite schedule.

        Having seen the state of this kitchen, and previews for future shows, it makes me think twice about dining out!

    2. Just finished watching here on the west coast, and I agree. In true FOX reality show fashion, they emphasized the drama and de-emphasized the food and business. Real drama doesn't necessarily mean throwing punches in the street. The opening credits were so freakin' long and pretty much all "previews" of what was going to happen in the show--so why not just use that 10 minutes to actually show us the dang show instead of just show us highlights?! Sheesh!

      There were some priceless moments that made it worth the watch, though. I particularly enjoyed the head chef's expressions when GR finally confronted Peter--hysterical! Still, I would have liked to have seen more of GR interacting with the chef and sous chef in developing the new menu rather than watch all the Peter drama. It was just too much. But, hey, it's FOX.

      I still much prefer the UK version, but I'll continue to watch this one (at least until Lost returns! hehehe) and hope that future eps are not nearly as dramatic.

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      1. re: tachis

        I agree with much of what you say here--especially the last paragraph! What a huge difference.

        I never saw GR on the BBC version supply another kitchen with new appliances before.

        1. re: Ruffio

          Good point! Usually he helps the owners get a discount or opens some doors, but I don't recall him actually shelling out that kind of moola. Maybe that's why there were so many commercial breaks; money had to come from somewhere! It just had that whole Oprah-makes-your-dreams-come-true-Extreme-Makeover feel to it that made it a little too over the top.

          1. re: tachis

            On the BBC version he would have lined them up with a supplier who could give them a good deal on a second-hand (but in perfect working order) range/oven etc. and had it in place for their grand reopening, and made them spend the first day scrubbing out the revolting kitchen themselves to really make them realise just how disgusting it was (in other words, make them learn something and WORK for their reward!) but Fox had to bring in the kitchen fairies overnight to make it all better.

            1. re: Kajikit

              Wonder if those kitchen fairies rent out? :-)

              I thought the same thing - make *them* clean their own kitchen (or make Peter do it, since he spent the money on suits vs. a working oven/stovetop).

      2. Com'n you guys, what exactly did you expect from Fox? Besides the Simpsons, what has Fox done or what haven't they mucked up? Sorry to say it but have you seen their sports coverage or news? They're clueless.

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        1. re: ML8000

          they do an excellent job with 24 , but most of their shows are not that great, hey since it's fox ,maybe well see Gordo do a kitchen nightmare's episode on Krusty burger!

          1. re: jword2001

            I was going to mention 24...but it's sort of turned southward. What can you say? Krusty burgers for all! Or...mmmmm donuts.

        2. So true. I love Gordon and I've seen every single one of the British version. That version had heart and focused on the food. Sure a lot of the little touches needed vevamp, but it's mainly the food and the service. Last nights episode was a typical fox disaster. All that place needed was to get a new kitchen and get that Peter guy outta there. But of course, Gordon coming up with that "Family style" was brilliant.

          Anyone from that area knows about this Peter dude and who the real story behind those debt collectors?

          Oh and I'll watch this stupid show just because I'm a GR fan. But I'll be sure to tivo it next time so I can get through the junk.