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Sep 19, 2007 06:37 PM

Marriot Hotel-AZ-restaurant ?

I'll be staying at this hotel next week and heard about this TOP OF THE ROCK restaurant on the roof?

Is it any good?

What dishes do you suggest?

Thank you,


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  1. We've done a few dinners there, plus some winemaker dinners. Each was very good, if not great. Since we always hosted these, the fare was across the board, but everyone enjoyed their meals. Their wine list is good, with a bit heavier emphasis on the "usual suspects," than I would really like, but they are taking the safe route. I do not have any specific dishes to recommend, but do not think that you will be disappointed.

    From the front of the house, to the servers, it was good. We'll definitely dine there again, though it is not on our #1, or #2 rotation.


    1. I have never stayed nor eaten there, but many a client or friend has stayed there and each has always been happy with accomodations, central location, cool urban/airport/city/desert views and such.

      However, my unassuming parents who like most meals had a terrible experience there about a month ago (Top of the Rock). I tried to get more details and haven't yet, so please take my comment as simply a side note and nothing more - but do explore other places for dining in the Phoenix area if you have time.

      They did say service and view was good - sounds like food was the downer.

      Enjoy Arizona!