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Sep 19, 2007 06:19 PM

Chicago’s Best in Irvine / my review.

First let me say that I grew up on the north side of Chicago. I’ve eaten at Poochie’s, Hub’s, Big Herm’s, Irving’s, Super Dawg, Bobo’s and on and on and on...

I work next door to Chicago’s Best so I eat there often, and I gotta tell you it’s pretty good. The beef and the hotdogs are just like I remember them.

But if you’re not from Chi, you may not like it. Guys I work with went there and complained that the beef was “wet” and the hotdog had to much “stuff” on it.

Give them a try, you’ll like it.

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  1. Can you order the Italian beef "dry?"

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Sure, just oder a beef "dry". They'll make it any way you want.

      1. re: ysr_racer

        First of all, I'm jealous you live right next door to CB! Of course, my waistline probably wouldn't fare too well if I did!

        One of the great things is that you can order your hot dog or beef any way you want it...heck, they'll even put ketchup on a hot dog if you ask them to (purists would frown, though!). Hey, I admit it...I eat my hot dogs plain...just dog and bun.

        As for the beef, you've got several options...regular, dry (excess liquid dripped off), wet (extra gravy spooned on), or dipped (the sandwich is dunked in the gravy). In addition, you can add sweet or hot peppers and/or giardinera, a mix of oil, vegetables and spices.

    2. They also have fantastic baby back ribs and a delicious 1/2 lb. burger at Chicago's Best. It took me way too long to discover this after getting only the Italian beef sandwich and the Polish & Italian sausages in my first 20 visits.

      Having the Italian beef sandwiches pre-dipped is a bit of a surprise for a first timer, as most people might be used to a French Dip, with the au jus served on the side. Eating it does become messy quickly, but use of the sandwich's paper wrappings makes the soaked bread easier to handle.