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Sep 19, 2007 05:44 PM

Take out in Adams Morgan

Hello, I'm new to DC. I know DC isn't known for fabulous chinese take out on every corner, but I've had some pretty dismal experiences with several neighborhood places over the last few weeks. Can you recommend any places that will deliver to my apartment on the eastern end of adams morgan? I'm not looking for write home about take out, just edible. It doesn't have to be chinese, although I'm partial to asian. Recs for pizza (NY style if that is even a possibility) or really any cuisine would be great, so long as they will bring it to me. Thanks!

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  1. Pizza isn't even edible in DC, so skip it.

    Delivery in AM you really want Mr. Chen's Organic Chinese. It ain't authentic Chinese but it's really good. I believe Mei Wah will also deliver. As far as takeout you have So's Your Mom right on Columbia road next to the Bank of America.

    AM is kind of hard as the places for good food are few and far between. A couple of bar food secrets. First, the Reef has really good food and beer. Go early and get in on the dollar off low tide specials. Second, tuesday nights are wing night at Asylum. I can't seem to find better wings in DC anywhere.

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      Alberto's pizza delivers. A lot of people don't like it, i think of all the pizza options its the best, but it does have quite a following.

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        Great, I'm replying to my own post. Doesn't El Khartoum deliver?

    2. Simply Home (thai) might deliver up there.
      not sure.

      1. When I lived in that area I got take out from Mr.Chen's Organic Chinese Restaurant. It's right by the Woodley Park Metro. I really enjoy the food there---in particular the cold sesame noodles, the peking duck wraps, and the seasame chicken. You can even order online which is really nice.

        Other then that I would get take out food from the Diner a lot. Also great deli sandwiches at So's Your Mom!! And there is the falafal and fries at Amsterdam falafal and then across the street you can go to the M'Dawg's spot for loaded up hot dogs (haven't been to M'Dawg's yet so I can't really recommend it).

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          mmm amsterdam falafal and fries.


        2. hey! i just moved to the area too, only a few blocks east. this was the first thing i tried to figure out too since sometimes i need the food to just come to me.

          here are the recs i got. have yet to try most of them.

          * Tacos Pepitos Bakery 2
          1762 Columbia Rd NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA
          * Jyoti Restaurant
          2433 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA

          Taquería Distrito Federal - ive gotten take out here and it rocks. best mexican i've had in dc, not entirely sure they deliver though

          Sala Thai
          Meiwah - decent chinese, good veggie options though
          Heritage India
          Simply Home on U Street delivers and its good

          also the korean place in mt. pleasant is supposed to be good but havent worked up the courage to try it yet since it kinda treads the divey-dirty line, IMO

          also, for take out in mt pleasant i really like tonic. they have great pulled pork sandwiches and tater tots and if you want to eat in they have half price burgers and brews everynight from 5-7pm and some sort of tuesday night wine deal that i heard was great.

          welcome to the neighborhood! hope this helps.

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            I've heard from many people that the Mei Wah in Friendship Heights is better than the Dupont one (maybe because the owner is there more...? no idea why). The Kung Pao Tofu is my stand by - i heart it, and could eat the whole thing if i didn't know the nutrition content of it!

            Simply Home is also good - delivery is good, and the space (if you want to eat there) is very chill/romantic/modern at a very decent price.

            1. re: Jeserf

              i always get the kung pao tofu too! it always makes for the best lunch the next day...

          2. I've lived in Adams Morgan for over 2 years now and tried just about every take out place nearby...My consistent go-tos are:
            -Old City Jerusalem (falafel and shwarma and such)
            -Tacos Pepitos
            -So's your mom
            -Astor (their specialty pizzas are pretty damn good)
            -Jyoti Indian (a little pricer than the others, but good)

            I wish I could recommend a good take out Italian or Chinese place in the area, but I haven't found one yet...I asked once at pasta mia and they threw me out!

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            1. re: gatorfoodie

              there's got to be more to why they threw you out of pasta mia...

              1. re: jpschust

                they may have been finishing up service for the night...but other than that, not really. I went in, said, "can I order something to take away" and the only response I got as I was shooed out was "NO TAKE OUT!!! NO TAKE OUT!!!"

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                  I've never tried take out from there. The food is yummy but I never wanted to wait in line for take out. Plus they have all sorts of rules like you can't change anything on the menu (add or subtract I believe), and they only take cash. Perhaps they don't do take out orders either. I can understand why considering how busy they are etc.