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Sep 19, 2007 05:41 PM

need high-end in Soho, Village or Tribeca that includes vegetarians options

We need a place for a business dinner in which we are hoping to recruit someone who's vegetarian (and that includes NO fish). But the members of the hiring committee aren't necessarily vegetarian.

So here's what we need:
a. a place that will impress the person we're hoping to recruit;
b. non-vegetarian options for those who aren't vegetarian;
c. vegetarian options for the target of the recruitment AND hopefully more than one vegetarian option so that the vegetarian side of the menu doesn't just seem like it's making a token gesture toward vegetarians;
d. it would be great if it was in the areas of Soho, Village, Tribeca.
e. it would be great if it weren't so much of a scene that we couldn't talk business

Does Bouley fit all these options? I know some people on this board don't like Nobu (personally I do, but I don't remember the menu and how many vegetarian options it has) but would it generally fit these criteria? Those are the level we're thinking about. Others that would fit the bill?

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  1. What about Savoy in Soho? Not high-end enough, probably...

    1. I would look into Fiamma in Soho. Its new chef, Fabio Trabocchi, has a very strong reputation from his time at Maestro in DC.