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Sep 19, 2007 05:33 PM

Marina/Castroville I beg you for suggestions..

Hello from a Seattle hound! I've read through the archives and done my best searching, but I still need some recommedations for the Marina area. I'll be staying there for the better part of a week next month and I'm looking for some suggestions. We're omnivore's and adventurous eaters. We'll have a car and are willing to drive for food :).
Any help is appreciated!

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  1. I had the infamous fried artichokes in the main roadside restaurant in Castroville - a heavy acquired taste, they actually serve fried with a side of mayonaise. Don't order anything more than this .....once..... and then dine out on the story for the rest of your life.

    1. Castroville and the immediate surrounding area, while a lovely and peaceful place to stay, don't offer a whole lot in terms of dining. The Giant Artichoke in Castroville (the restaurant glbtrtr referred to) is pretty much it. There are a couple of seafood restaurants in Moss Landing, but just what you'd expect: good, solid seafood, kinda kitschy, dated atmosphere. For anything better you'll need to trek to Monterey or Carmel (which aren't terribly far, about 30-45 min). However, there are a number of roadside produce stands that offer the amazing bounty of the local farms. If you're feeling ambitious enough, go shop for some of the freshest veggies (especially brussel sprouts and artichokes) that you can find and go crazy in the kitchen. You'll thank yourself.

      1. Here are some recs:

        Tico's - great for breakfast and lunch:

        Dishes, a reasonably priced dinner spot:

        Shin Ra, a good Korean place - although my last visit there was disappointing:

        In Castroville, there is the Central Texas BBQ. Good beef barbecue - owner looks like Willie Nelson.

        But as another poster said, Marina is very close to Monterey and Pacific Grove, so be sure to have a dinner at Passionfish.


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          It's been a few years, but we had a decent meal in this old converted school house in Castroville:

          La Scuola Ristorante
          10700 Merritt St.
          (831) 633-3200

          No idea if they're even still around.