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Sep 19, 2007 05:25 PM

Cabo San Lucas '07 [Moved from International board]

Going in a few weeks to Cabo San Lucas. Seen a few posts for Mi Casa and Ediths but those were made years ago, I will definetely give these a try. Anyone have any new suggestions? I have an oyster addiction so any oyster bars would be great.

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  1. El Matador In San Jose.

    This a reletively new addition to the scene. Run by Pablo who was a real Matador in his younger years and his cousin Jorge. Small and Intimate (used to be pablos house) with a great courtyard. Very impressive.

    (Take Pescador past Paseo Los Marinos, between Balandra and Portaviones Streets)

    El Palacio del Taco

    "Taco Palace", the name says it all. This place is some of the best tacos you'll try ( I live in LA, so I don't use that term often). Try the taco's el pastor, tacos carnitas, tacos asada, hell, try them all !!

    16 de Septiembre, between Morelos and Leona Vicario.

    Panchos was unremarkable. Overpriced mexican food with a chain restaurant feel to it.
    Honestly, I didn't fly to Cabo to pay more than double what I'd pay in LA for a comparable food in a establishment that is owned by a couple from Thousand Oaks CA.

    In fairness, my lamb shank was tasty, but that was after I had to send it back for being served cold, and after the owner went up to my table, not to apologise but to tell he felt there was nothing wrong with the dish the first time it was served, "but they would heat it up anyways". gee thanks !!

    Art & Beer

    (km69) Btw Todos de Santos and Cabo San Lucas. A MUST stop here if you go to Todos Santas (all Saints). A truly unique place run by and old Mexican Hippy called Alfredo. Drink Huge mango margaritas, check out some artwork, eat fresh ceviche while siting on a rooftop balcony overlooking and the desert and the sea. Surprizingly everything we tried was delicious.

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      Please don't go to Art and Beer. They are not nice people. We who live here ask anyone who visits to not go there. They are just not good people.
      In San Jose El Chilar is wonderful - actually the best restaurant in southern Baja IMO. If you are coming before mid October most of the restaurants in Todos will still be closed. If your visit is after November 1 let me know and I will give you some suggestions in Todos. Also, please keep in mind that oysters live in cold ocean water - we don't have that near here. The best sushi place around is Nik-San in San Lucas but very expensive.

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        trying to figure out what the oysters remark was in reply to; or was that just a general piece of advice (don't see any mention of oysters in the first post). Edited: ok, now I see that OP asked about them, I got confused because I was reading your post as just a replly to koolhandluke...

        What do you like at El Chilar?

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          There are oysters in the Sea of Cortez....Steinbeck mentions them in his Log...though I gather that the hunting of them for pearls may have reduced the population; see eg:

          not sure how tasty they are....but in the winter the water is cold enough...

          Will be diving in Sea of Cortez the end of this month and will have one night in La Paz before heading home. Will report back if I see any!

          1. re: susancinsf

            Sorry, of course we have oysters - they are just nothing like those up north and I avoid them. Actually, I pretty much avoid raw oysters wherever I am. Not worth the risk to me any more, although I too once loved them. It only took one time getting quite sick - it lasted for weeks. It is quite random - doesn't matter where the oysters are from or even how fresh.

            If you are overnight in La Paz you must go to Tres Virgenes - it is undoubtedly the best restaurant in La Paz. Actually rivals El Chilar for the best in southern Baja. Cannot remember right now what I like best at El Chilar but we have eaten there many times and loved it all. And smoked marlin tacos at Bismark on the malecon in La Paz - yum!!!!

            1. re: madwrk

              Do you or anyone know of a link to the menu at Tres Virgenes....I am trying to figure out more about the menu. I see someone loved the beef ribs, but I would much rather go somewhere with seafood....

              here is a report from my last dinner in La Paz:


              am inclinded to go back to the same place, unless I am convinced otherwise by any updates....

              1. re: susancinsf

                While Mar y Pena is certainly okay, Tres Virgenes is amazing. If you go to and click on restaurant reviews you will find a very long thread about it. Lots of seafood. It is at least ten times as good as Mary y Pena - at least!!! Another one that is quite good is Cafe Milano. We live in Todos Santos and go to La Paz twice a month at least. Do try to get to Bizmark ot the Malecon for the smoked marlin tacos as well. Be sure to go to the one on the Malecon - not the one in the middle of town.

                1. re: madwrk

                  clicked on your link, apparently it is no longer a valid domain....what are your favorite seafood dishes at Tres Virgenes?

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              I had oysters in San Felipe.... not sure Americans would like them.... they are huge for oysters (3 to 6 inches long, 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide)... the beach shack places only seem to serve them in the morning, they are live & not on ice.

              They have a pleasant briny flavor... but their visual appeal is diminished by cutting them up in strips small enough to swallow.

              With that said... they are fine in a cocktail (the more competent places will present you the oysters on the shell before cutting them up & submerging them in the sauce... allowing you to make sure they are absolutely fresh).... I also noticed the locals smoke them... & use them in soups, guisos, tacos & sopes.... Oysters are a very inexpensive among seafood choices there... the cocktails should sell at a discount relative to Rock Lobster or Shrimp cocktails.

        2. Hey Snatchy...I am going to Cabo in a few weeks and wondering if you have a report from your trip (assuming you have gone already). Would love to hear your suggestions! Thanks!

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            I'm leaving tomorrow night! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions, I will report my findings when I return.

            1. re: Obessed

              My aunt lives in San Jose on the way to Cabo and took me to a locals place Zippers. If you get a chance, the food is great (shrimp tacos and Ribs that fall off the bone) and it is steps from the ocean, the view + good food makes you feel like you have no worries.
              Nick San is as great as everyone said.
              French Riviera is great too we grabbed enough pastries our to snack on for days (VERY worth it). The original one is in San Jose near the Church (anyone can point you there) or you can go to the one closer to Cabo, just outside of town, times open are much different though so check before you go to this one.
              Also had some decent guac and drinks at the office one night. Again gorgeous. Have a great time!

              1. re: snatchy17

                Thanks for the recos!!! I'll definitely check out those places...and report back :-)