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Sep 19, 2007 05:15 PM

Sushi in the valley

I know it's ALL over Ventura Blvd, but which are the best and which shall I steer clear of? I am on a mission to try them all but need some guidance.

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  1. For high end sushi where you want to just tell the chef "omakase" then go to Asanebo in Studio City

    11941 Ventura Blvd
    Studio City, CA 91604-2607
    Phone: (818) 760-3348

    1. Tama or Nozawa in Studio City

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      1. re: Emme

        Second Tama; have eaten there countless times and it's always top notch.

      2. And at the opposite end of the valley, there's Shibuya in Calabasas.

        1. Although I am tired of fighting for a seat at the sushi bar I cannot tell a lie. The handsdown winner for me is Iroha at Ventura Blvd. just west of Coldwater on the North side of the street.

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          1. re: Hughlipton

            I second this recommendation. Iroha is tops.

            1. re: Hughlipton

              I too must second Iroha. Very quality.

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                What are the prices like at Iroha?

              2. Brothers or Little Brothers in Woodland Hills.

                Sushi House of Taka (just north of Ventura Blvd on Van Nuys Blvd)

                Tama, Teru or Iroha - all east of Woodman

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                1. re: GK in SO

                  eek, stay away from teru! my meal there was terrible.