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Sep 19, 2007 04:33 PM

Lost in La Canada

I've got a once-weekly gig in La Canada now, right off of Foothill, and it looks like I'll have about 45 minutes for lunch before I need to head into the valley to the next appointment. Totally new area for me...didn't even know exactly where it was until I got this client. I spotted Taylor's Steaks on my way through town today, but that seems like a bit of a stretch for 3/4 of an hour.

Any ideas? I eat everything. Cheaper is gooder.

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  1. Well, there's a long stretch of Foothill Blvd in La Canada. Can you give us a bit more guidance on where you are exactly?

    Also, you can check out Chow's new "Area" link for the Los Angeles vicinity.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Ha...told ya I was lost. I couldn't really tell how far the commercial strip of Foothill stretched. Anyway, the cross street is Beulah; I exit the 210 at Angeles Crest.

      Thanks for the tip about the Area link...I'll play around with it and see what it reveals.

      1. re: squirrelo

        Berge's is the sandwich place to go to, if I remember correctly. Good soups and sandwiches and very popular for lunch in the area. Its on foothill a few blocks west (?) of angeles crest.

        You could also go down Verdugo Blvd to Montrose, where there are a bunch of restuarants. Not sure exactly what is there now, as I haven't lived in the area in many years, but it is close to where you are working and should have a bunch of fairly cheap options...

        1. re: rds246

          And don't dismiss Taylor's too quickly. They make the best $9.50 Cheesburger you'll ever have. Ground daily from the night's steak trimmings. With excellent fries. A steal. And I'm sure you can sit at the bar and get in and out in under 45. I have.

          1. re: rds246

            Yeah! You can get a great black forest ham sandwich at Schreiner's Deli in Montrose (Glendale) and some good desserts at Berolina Bakery a few stores up. Also, there is a Vietnamese place on Honolulu that is pretty good - Pho 2000 (I know it is Pho with a 4-digit number after it).
            Also, Dish on Foothill is good. Georgie's pizza is good. My friend swears about that Japanese place across the street from Georgie's (do not know name and have not been there). I heard on this board that Pepe's is closed (a loss).

            1. re: WildSwede

              Oh yes, Schreiner's Black Forest Ham sandwich is great. Their Knackwurst is excellent too. They make all of their sausages on site, so the Knackwurst is fresh and delicious!!

              1. re: mrshankly

                Yes! I usually get one or the other. With the BF I get extra pickles with coleslaw on the sandwich (rye bread). Absolutely delicious - and SO cheap!!

      2. Taco Deli has good breakfast burritos.
        Zeli Coffee Bar has a good goat cheese and tomato sandwich. There are other sandwiches too, but I forget what kinds.
        Yaki's Teriyaki Bowl - deep in Montrose - has teriyaki bowls that are tasty as hell. Watch out for the inevitable stomach ache though. Definitely not healthy.
        I second Berges. Been going there since I could walk. Roast Beef Melts and Tuna Melts are tasty.
        Georgee's Pizza has good pizza by the slice and some good sandwiches. Veal parmasean sandwich is good.
        Zeke's Smokehouse in Montrose is ok.
        Dish might be ok. But I've only had breakfast there.

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        1. re: stollingrone007

          I second Yaki's. Make sure you try the bull dog on the menu.

          1. re: stollingrone007

            Dish is delish, but just ordering and waiting can eat up 45 minutes there.

            When you come off the Angeles Crest Hwy onto Foothill, you'll see a cafe called Hill Street right in front of you. Don't even think about it...!

          2. We like Penelopes on Foothill. Real good sandwiches and atmosphere.

            Penelope's Cafe
            1029 Foothill Blvd, La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011
            (818) 790-4386

            1. La Cabinita on Ocean View in Montrose. One of my favorite places ever~

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              1. re: CinnamonKitten

                Aha! Good one! This one slipped my mind. Good call. Definitely try their pork chops - they are out of this world!!

                1. re: CinnamonKitten

                  YUM YUM YUM
                  LA CABANITA...
                  ...however, 45 minutes could be pushing it.
                  Even though I think the food is amazing and 99% of their servers are so wonderfully friendly...if you are one of the unlucky ones who gets one particular server, you'll not only get horrible service, you'll be waiting for it forever.
                  If you get in right at the beginning of the lunch rush, you'l have no probelem.

                  They have an amazing lunch special and I would hightly reccommend the Enchilades Mole or the Chicken Soup.

                2. Since I work just down the road (oak grove drive), I can also recommend Los Gringos for lunch. It's in a small cluster of stores just across from Firestone tires at the south end of Foothill. They do a build-your-own-burrito thing that actually works well for lunch. Also fresh guacamole made at the table, and they know how to expedite if you're on a lunch-crunch.