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Sep 19, 2007 04:27 PM

Peanut butter grinder?

I recently found a 'Just Nutty' nut grinder, made by Salton, at GoodWill for under $5 and I have to say I love it. Now the only problem is a couple friends also like it and would like to find something similar, since the 'Just Nutty' is no longer made. I know you can make peanut butter, or other nut butters, in a blender, but I could never get them at creamy & smooth, even with adding a lot of extra oil & sweeteners. Plus the clean up with the blender was always a pain, so I would end up grinding a lot at once...defeating half of the reason for making fresh, homemade peanut butter. With the Just Nutty grinder, peanut butter comes out so soft & creamy- and extra yummy-lol, even if you do sneak an handful of golden flax seed in. Almond butter is a little courser, but still better then store bought.

Is there anything else that lets you grind peanut butter & other nut butters at home similarly? I'm a big fan of Alton Brown on Good Eats and usually don't like 'unitaskers', but I figure since it grinds all sorts of nut/legume butters, I'll consider it a 'mulitasker'.

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  1. your best bet is a coffee grinder. i have a separate one dedicated specifically for nuts & spices.

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      Blade grinder or burr grinder? The Just Nutty is a burr grinder, which has made me wonder about trying it with a burr coffee grinder. I saw a couple at Goodwill the same day I bought the Just Nutty grinder- I might have to try it out (rather try it on an inexpensive used one then a brand new one just in case-lol).

    2. I've used my cuisenart with good success for nut butters in the past -- and with no room for another tool, I'm in luck that I love the way it turns out!

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          great! a one-function gadget! Note it ships in 1-2 months!
          I'd be interested in a food grinder attachment for my KA mixer.

        2. We recently picked up a used Champion juicer on Craig's list for $25. It makes great
          nut butters with out the need to add oils. It also makes wonderful sorbets from Melons
          peaches, mangos etc. We ordered a grain grinder attachment which works great. Such
          a treat to have a really sturdy American made machine in this age of cheap throwaway
          Chinese junk.

          1. Hi, I was wondering about how long your grinder worked? I just picked one up (also at a Goodwill store) and would like to know what to expect. Thanks