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Sep 19, 2007 04:16 PM

Where should we watch the Saints on Monday?

My husband and I are going to New Orleans on Sat. and will be there for the Saint's game on Monday night. Where is a fun place with good food to wach the game? We will be staying in the French Quater and do not mind walking. Thanks

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  1. Maybe the Three Legged Dog on the corner of Conti and Burgundy. They will have the game projected on a big screen, they serve perfectly passable bar food, and it's a nice small place. A potential con is that they are renovating a little and have only one bathroom right now, but it's clean.

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    1. The Dome. They're not cheap, but if you go 1-2 hours before kickoff you'll be able to buy seats from citizens with extras. Of course the scalpers will be there too. Food is lousy but you can't beat the excitement. If that's not an option, try the Mojo Lounge ...pretty good food/tv next door to Fiorellas (bar is on the corner) of Decatur (across from Angelli).

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        BTW, Cowboy Mouth will be pre-game entertainment outside the dome.

      2. If you do not mind going uptown, go to Cooter Browns - good bar food and great beer selection.

        1. There's a scuzzy looking (and I mean that as a compliment!) sports bar on Gravier that I walk by a lot. Anyone know the name? Chucks, perhaps? Is it a good place to watch a game?

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            It's almost directly across from the Lucky Dog den. I think it is called Chuck's. I walk past there a lot but have never been in (because it's during working hours). There's a sign painted on the outside of the doorway that says Free Beer Tomorrow.

          2. I watch the games either at the Dome or the Rendezvous in the Garden District. But I hear a lot of people go to Gordon Biersch, across Poydras from Harrah's.

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              The Rendezvous also offers a free (but limited) buffet of Indian food from Nirvana, at least for the Sunday games. Monday, eh, you're probably out of luck on that front.