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Sep 19, 2007 03:54 PM

Mumbai (Bombay) restaurant suggestions? [Moved from International board]

Any recommendations for (1) a business lunch/dinner place, (2) something young and hip for 20- and 30-something entertainment industry types and (3) something for my 60-something parents? Doesn't have to be Indian cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. Indigo is good - in colaba. In the evenings its frequented by the hip and trendy. Its probably Mumbais first modern 'minimalist' style restaurant. Food isn't fabulous but certainly not bad very but nice place. Olive in Bandra is another trendy place often frequented by the bollywood set. Trishna in Fort is great for seafood... has become a bit touristy but food is still really good. Would be good for all ages. For business lunches and dinners try restaurants in some of the 5 star hotels like Golden Dragon in the Taj Hotel or The Sea Lounge in the taj again. Sea lounge is nice for lunch for all ages as well. You haven't mentioned anything about budget so have recommended places without considering that. If you want to try something more local, then try and get someone to take you to one of the country clubs - The Willingdon or the Bombay Gym. Also find out about the Bombay Gym bar night. For good indian food try Copper Chimney or jewel of India.

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      Indigo's fabulous! I was at the Golden Dragon at Taj Mahal Palace but thought it was really expensive. For the same price, I preferred Wasabi by Morimoto upstairs. But my fave restaurant at the Taj is Masala Kraft - the food's gorgeous!! Zodiac Grill's my choice for business dinner.

      Konkan Cafe at the Taj President's good for business lunch.

      Dum Pukht at Grand Maratha Sheraton's really great for fine-dining on Mughal food.

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        I thought Indigo was just ok, and thus horribly overpriced. 590 Rs (at the time, about $15 USD; now closer to 12) got me a so-so risotto dish that I would have been extremely disappointed to have for $15 in the US. I don't expect decent Italian food here--it was someone else's choice--but that much for anything unspectacular is an embarrasment. The garlic bread was overtoasted to the point of inedibility, and the table bread was very stale. Also, cheap wines started at well over Rs 1000, so I didn't even bother.

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        I dont think you can get into the Willingdon Club or Bombay Gymkhana without a member to sign you in.

      3. (1) Basilico, in Colaba

        (2) Koyla's. Rooftop of the Gulf Hotel, also in Colaba. VERY VERY hip. Still has a 'secret hideout' feel to it.

        (3) I'd say Basilico again

        1. It depends on what kind of food and ambiance you are looking for. Some of the best places to go are -

          Indigo, Indigo Deli, Kebabs n Kurries (ITC Grand Central) Cafe Basilico, Moshe's, Pearl of the Orient (for the view) Golden Dragon, Thai Pavilion, Trattoria, Dakshin (ITC, Grand Maratha)

          more detailed reiews at and