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Sep 19, 2007 03:36 PM

Frozen Yogurt in Philly

Does anyone know where I can get good fat free frozen yogurt in philly...

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  1. I've gotten frozen yogurt at Bassett's in the Reading Terminal Market, but I don't remember right now if it was fat free - I think they had both choices that were and weren't.

    Also, all the Marathon Grills make smoothies made from fat free frozen yogurt, so I imagine you could ask for just the yogurt itself.

    It's funny you should ask, my husband and I were recently in southern CA where there was a very good small chain place specifically for fat free frozen yogurt, and I commented to him that I thought there'd be a market for that here. After all, people can't do Capogiro's, Franklin Fountain, and More Than Just Ice Cream every time without having to buy a new set of clothes! Alas, he wasn't interested in opening a fat free frozen yogurt place for me :-)

    I look forward to hearing from others about places I don't know of yet...

    1. I'm curious about this too. It seems like I can't find good frozen yogurt anywhere!

      1. I like Scoops DeVille (University City and another location in Center City). They only have two flavors (chocolate or vanilla) and the yogurt actually starts out as a hard, ice-cream like consistency. However, you tell them what you want and they mix that in with the yogurt so that consistency becomes like soft-serve frozen yogurt. I'm not sure if they still do this with the yogurt if you choose not to get a topping/mix-in. While the extra "thing" you get with your yogurt obviously makes it taste better, the yogurt on its own seems to be pretty good. Let us know if you find anything noteworthy here!

        1. Hi -- a year later I'm curious if the tangy fro-yo craze that has taken NY by storm has hit Philly? I am here for 2 months and having serious cravings!

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            Nothing more than was posted previously.

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              Maggie Moo's (there is one in Wynnewood) has tangy frozen yogurt. I really enjoyed it but have no basis to compare it to)

            2. It seems there will be one opening on South Street. I can't remember the name but it is some sort of play on Philly. I think it is between 4th and 5th.

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                It's called Phileo and it is on South Street between 4th and 5th. It's self serve , with lots of flavors and toppings. I had the plain and the green tea, with blueberries. I don't know if it's fat free or not - I didn't see any nutrition information (but didn't ask either) and didn't find anything about it on the web. I'm curious what all is in it and how it compares, tastewise, to the chains that started in LA and then NY, if anyone can compare them for me.

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                  I've had Pinkberry in the past- I think the two taste similar, but can't be more specific than that. Phileo offers more flavors (pb just has plain, green tea and coffee) and toppings. Also, the self-serve concept is a major plus. Pinkberry felt somewhat expensive (they charge per topping). I didn't see any nutrition info about the yogurt at Phileo, which I would like to find out. The low calories are the major selling point in my opinion...or else I'd take Capogiro or Franklin Fountain over Phileo any day (or regular yogurt!).