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Sep 19, 2007 02:46 PM

Too many tomatoes!

Overdid it at the farmers market and am now having daily (sometimes 2x) heirloom tomatoes. Any suggestions for a simple, quick variation on tomatoes/buffalo mozz/basil/evoo? Other ingredients to turn into a salade composee, seasonings other than sea salt and pepper, stylish presentations?

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  1. Make some salsa with onion, jalapeno,lime juice & cilantro.

    1. ok somethign i know about take a tomato slice in half put on top a bunch of feta mozz or parmesan or any combo of the three the nfor a little garnish use some basil or parsley or any other hard herb like that

      1. Get a good baguette and scoop out some of the insides, and stuff w/ tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, arugula, basil or lettuce and some aoli (sp?).
        Try a vegetable tian.
        Don't overlook an excellent BLT!
        And when you're tired of eating them fresh, roast them w/ onion, garlic, olive oil & herbs, run through a food processor and freeze for a dynamite sauce that will remind you of summer in the depths of winter.

        1. You can just rough chop and freeze in Ziplocs! The texture will change, but will keep the great fresh flavor! You could also ship some to me!

          Here's a favorite dish of mine. Saute chicken, set aside, add diced tomotoes to pan, saute to heat, and evaporate enough liquid for a nice thick sauce (depends on your tomatos...), add garlic, fresh tarragon, a splash of white wine or white wine vinegar and enough butter and or cream to make a good sauce. Serve with the chicken, over rice or pasta. This is pretty simple, but a really glorious combination of flavors!

          1. Make panzanella - the juice from your lovely tomatoes will seep into the bread. Or try Bittman's tomato paella, currently discussed in another thread and described on the blog Wednesday Chef.