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Sep 19, 2007 02:45 PM

Korean in and around Philly

Where are the best Korean restuarants in Philly. I am looking for a good tofu house and a good typical Korean restuarant. I am in serious kimchi sun du bu withdrawal since moving here from Atlanta. I'm looking for traditional Korean where banchan are brought to the table not so much a Korean+Chinese or other multi-Asian cuisine place.

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  1. A good tofu restaurant is Soft Tofu on 5th Street at 66th Avenue. I don't know the Korean name. What is kimchi sun du bu? I'm guessing banchan are the little dishes that are brought to the table no matter what you order?

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      Don't know the names...or the exact locations....but I've been to more than a few excellent places in Cheltenham. There are quite a few in the area. Korea Garden in Blue Bell (on 202 just north of rt. 73) is very good. Good (at the table) BBQ. Their beef dishes are a bit on the sweet side. All these are Korean...not Korean/(asian).

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        Is Jong Ka Jib the Soft Tofu place you are talking about, myra? They are the place to go for sun du bu chigae. I think sun du bu means soft tofu.

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          It's my impression that there isn't a "good" place in center city, so I make it myself at home with the ingredients from H-Mart. I heard there are places near H-Mart in Upper Darby, including Soon-Du-Bu place (apparently there's a block of Korean stuff). Haven't tried any of the places myself, but it's the closest thing in Philly area. And Dib, Soon-Du-Bu does mean soft tofu.

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            I didn't even think to see if there was a Super H here. I certainly won't be making it at home but hopefully there will be some decent places nearby.

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            Yes, that name seems right. Thanks for the explanation. One of my favorite restaurants.

        2. There is a Korean restauant at 2nd and Masher sts in Olney that is great.

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            Unfortunately, there are no good places in Center City; Baekster is correct in that assessment. Avoid Miran. That place is way too Westernized for my taste (my ethnic background is Korean so I may also be overly picky). Jong Ka Jib is ok, and Seo Ra Bol (Second and Grange) is also decent - but both are rather far. Korea Garden in Blue Bell (Route 73) is pretty good as is Beawon in Cherry Hill (Route 70 East).

            By the way, none of the places in the Philadelphia metro area are as good as what you had in Atlanta. The selection and quality of Korean restaurants in Atlanta is very strong. I've found that only New York City (including Fort Lee) is better.

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              How about Pastoral, on 13th St. in Center City? I'm not an expert, but we had a really nice lunch there a few months ago--the banchan were especially fresh and tasty.

            5955 North 5th Street

            DRINK MENU
            Imported & Domestic Beer, Sake, Korean Soju, Johnnie Walker, Chivas Regal...

            Shrimp Soup ~ Korean Scallion Pancake ~ Fried Dumplings ~ Seafood, Pork & Vegetables
            Panbroiled Squid with Red Pepper ~ Stir Fried Noodles with Beef & Vegetables...
            KALBIL Short Beef Ribs marinated with mild sauce
            DOEJI BULKOKI Sliced Pork marinated with hot & spicy sauce
            MAEUN BULKOKI Sliced Beef marinated with hot sauce
            O-JINGUH GUI hot & spicy Slice Squid
            TROPHY HOT POTS $32.99-$35.99
            HAEMUL JUNGOL Hot & spicy Seafood Stew with vegetables
            BULNAK JUNGOL Sliced beef & Octopus Stew with vegetables

            I go here a lot and they have football on a very big tv.

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              Part of this discussion has been moved over to the General Chowhounding Board. It wasn't specific to any particular Korean restaurant, but we didn't want to lose it. Here it is:

            2. i don't really know anything about authenticity. meh, but i don't really care about authenticity first and foremost. if it tastes good that's all i need.

              i like miran a lot. there also used to be a place called stonewall in conshohocken, but they have since converted to a japanese menu, so won't fit your criteria! they did used to make a really excellent bell pepper pancake. and their ice cream in a hard shell was delicious.