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Sep 19, 2007 02:44 PM

Anyone been to Ranazul in Maple Lawn?

I see where they opened last week, it's the new tapas rest. across the street from Oz. Just looking for feedback...

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  1. I have lived here 22 years and never heard of Maple Lawn. A google search took me right to the website, but then I had to poke around the website to find out where this town is. Well, it isn't a town. It's a planned (plastic?) community near Columbia, just south of Rte. 32. This place just opened in August and according to its website, it is owned by the people who own Sierra's Grill in Beltsville.

    And according to the website, they just opened...YESTERDAY (Sept. 19).

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    1. re: Just Visiting

      in other words, just south of that other planned plastic community

    2. the architecture at Maple Lawn is really nice...I wouldnt be so closed minded, probably 100 years ago Brooklyn, NY brownstones were considered plastic.

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      1. re: nellnp

        > the architecture at Maple Lawn is really nice...

        Nice compared to what? I haven't been there in person, but the photos on their website don't seem terribly interesting.

        What makes me want to gag the most, though, is the name "Maple Lawn".

        1. re: Hal Laurent

          I don't know why. Maple Lawn is the name of the large family run turkey farm just a minute a way. Best Thanksgving turkeys ever. Agree with nellnp.

          1. re: cocoagirl

            Maybe it is just me, but any name with the word "lawn" makes me think of a cemetery. And it makes me very sad that all this open space/ag land is now one more banal planned community. The brownstones in Brooklyn could withstand a nuclear blast. The plastic siding in Maple Lawn? Well, let's just say that the plastic siding on the megamillions McMansions they built on my street is already looking like crap. I will be eager to hear about Ranazul, though. There isn't much between Balt and DC - Iron Bridge is one good choice. We've tried Tersiguel's FOUR times and never once had a good meal. It makes me think that location IS everything - when you are the only half-way decent restaurant for miles around, no real competition, you don't have to be all that good. We've even had burnt food served to us there. I just don't get why this place is popular. So if Ranazul is good, it will be a welcome addition.

            So, Nellnp - how was it? Though the website on the menu is only a partial menu, it looks interesting. I happen to be a big fan of tappas, mezzes, etc - so I don't have to make up my mind!

            Has anyone been to their other restaurant?

            1. re: Just Visiting

              (..The plastic siding in Maple Lawn?..)

              Well I can tell you don't live in Maple Lawn. Plastic siding is not allowed in ML. It's all Concrete Hardiplank Siding which is NOT the same thing. I was the 7th person to close on my house in 2005 and have already moved within this community to another home. Please don't talk about something you know nothing about. Thanks!

              1. re: burrowbk


                Do you know anything about the estimated opening date for the new Harris Teeter @ ML?

                    1. re: LGood

                      The outside of the building looks done, and they have covered most of it with bricks. I figured that six months was enough time to build out the inside. Although you may be right because that first Harris Teeter seemed to take *forever* for them to build and open.

                      The Maple Lawn developer was talking Fall 2009 in December:

                  1. re: mdfoodlover

                    I just heard from a friend that Harris Teeder has pulled out of maple lawn. With the building all but completed... not sure what the developer will do now... I keep everyone posted on what I hear.

                    1. re: burrowbk

                      That is really a shame. My wife & I were looking forward to a conveniently located quality grocery store.

        2. Im going tonight to Ranazul's, so Ill let you know.

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          1. re: nellnp

            So....Nelln...was it so good you went into a swoon and haven't recovered yet? or was it so bad you are still hanging over the porcelain water feature? Don't keep us in suspense!

            1. re: Just Visiting

              Been to Ranazul and sat at the bar. I only had 2 of their small plates and I cant recall the names of either one (the website menu is not helpful). One was a sausage over mashed potato - extremely salty, not good and honestly I do not recall the other plate but it was better than the first. Their beer selection is limited 4 and their wine I guess compensates for that. The whole place smells like a furniture store since its so brand new - leather and wood polish to be exact.

              One thing I noticed about the restaurants in Maple Lawn including oZ. (better of the three) and Trapeze (terrible food), is that they hire plenty of 18 year olds that are not very much experienced. Nothing against the youth who are making their living but their level of service is quite not there with my own experiences in eating in finer establishments. They're helpful, yet not really mature enough to even know what wine is good with what like what happened to us at Trapeze. We gave Trapeze another chance but my wife and I will never go back there again. While at Ranazul, the wait staff kept coming to the bar, non-discretely, asking for the wine pairings and they had no clue. Why ask the bartender for this? One would think they'll have a sommelier for a restaurant that seems to have much to offer.

              I live across Rt. 29 near Maple Lawn in another "plastic" neighborhood Cherry Tree Park. And yes I would rather be in brownstone in either Mt. Vernon or Bolton Hill in Baltimore. Interestingly, there is a new area within Maple Lawn being built called Bolton Hill - townhouses with elevators - there is too much money in this world! (Had a friend that visited from Paris and he was floored when I told him about this - he lives in one of those grand old Parisian apt building on the 7th floor without an elevator!) Maple Lawn is pretty and almost Disneyland-like, BUT will take a few more generations and a test of time for it to have true character and charm as those older and much more real ones.

              1. re: ericm

                I need to respectfully disagree with you regarding Trapeze. My wife and I have eaten there at least three times and our only complaint was the noise that a large party made on one of those visits. The food we ordered each time was really good and the service was fine. I can't understand your problem. As far as townhouses with elevators are concerned, they undoubtedly are for seniors who are downsizing.

                1. re: skipper

                  We have only been at the restaurant twice. The first time was when they only have been open for a few months. We sat at the back dining room and the food was not that good for the price that we paid. We had let that one slide being that they were new. Let me tell you of our second visit which was just last month (we were looking for redemption, but alas none was at hand):
                  - I had their mussels - absolutely bland. I had tastier ones in cheaper places. I asked for a medium New York Strip, I got a well done one.
                  - We sat outside and our table was extremely shaky and not balanced. We mentioned it to our waiter and she got us something after our THIRD request and I had to crawl under there myself. The restaurant that evening was not busy at all.
                  - As we were finishing our appetizers, someone came out again with the same ones and saw that we already got our food. In retrospect, I should have asked for it - maybe it would have been better.
                  - We are not wine drinkers, so we make it a point to ask what would be good for our food. Our waitress said "I'm sorry I'm only 18" and she just left it at that. The better answer would be "Let me go get someone who can assist you." Don't you agree?
                  I always rate service one the same line as food especially for expensive restaurants such as Trapeze. Maybe our third try would be better, but who knows; I have to ask my wife for that and she already says No.

                  And for the elevator townhouse, they start at 4,000 square foot - hardly downsizing even for a family of 5! And I can't bear the thought of my own ailing parents getting trapped in one of those if and when they malfunction. God forbid my parents would get a heart attack or worse...

                  1. re: ericm

                    Geez this thread is rather harsh. People seem to have forgotten that only a few years ago the suburbs were a total wasteland foodwise, and anything in the direction of non-chain, modern eateries is more than welcome in Howard County, trust me.

                    I went to Trapeze and thought it was terrific, and was stunned that anything of this caliber could exist in this area now. The prices are moderate and the portions are generous considering how good the food is. Service was adequate, if a little lackadaisical, but ultimately I care more about the food anyway which was wonderful. As far as Maple Lawn goes, I'd take plastic and pretty anyday over cramped, old, overpriced and dirty, which is how most of the Northeast has become. People are friggin spoiled to complain about that place.

                    1. re: jeanki

                      Oh, I couldn't agree more. Trapeze has become our favorite restaurant. The food is terrific, and the service generally is as well.

          2. We went to Ranazul last night and I can't say it was a pleasant experience. While my drink came out relatively quickly, my friend had to wait at least 20 minute for her wine, and this was after the waitress and the "wine geek" came over to the table and explained that my friend's first choice of wine was not available. It was only after we complained to the manager that she got her wine served. Similarly, with our cold appetizers, we waited at least 30 minutes, and not until we got the manager involved, did the food come out from the kitchen. The waitress did not once check on our table during this time. We then put in our orders for hot tapas and, of course, since the manager was already taking care of us, they came out relatively quickly. We also had to ask the busboy for bread and olive oil and we had to order the olives off of the menu. In my opinion, these two staples of a tapas restaurant should be put on the table as soon as the patrons are seated and water is served. We should not have to pay for olives!! In favor, of the restaurant, once we did get our food, everything tasted very good. The manager did give us drinks and a small dessert plate on the house. It seemed that we got better service from the busboys than we did our waitress. A lot of quirks need to be worked out before I would go back to this restaurant. In fact, the owner's son came over to our table, and when we asked him what he would do if he had to wait this long for food, he said he would probably leave and go somewhere else!!

            1. I liked the appetizers, but that is all I had. Seemed a little pricey.