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Sep 19, 2007 02:39 PM

What great recipe of yours should I make tonight? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

Help! I am in a culinary rut! ANy easy ideas? Thanks

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  1. ok try just simply taking some italain seasoning and add more rose mary sprinkle liberally on 3 bonless and skinless chicken breasts oil a bakin dish and then take a seperate bakin dish and put enugh water in it to come up about a half inch all the way around the pan put that on the bottom rack(keeps chicken from drying out) and put chicken on top rack bake 375 until golden brown

    1. Here's a favorite dish of mine. Saute chicken, set aside, add diced tomotoes to pan, saute to heat, and evaporate enough liquid for a nice thick sauce (depends on your tomatos...), add garlic, fresh tarragon, a splash of white wine or white wine vinegar and enough butter and or cream to make a good sauce. Serve with the chicken, over rice or pasta. This is pretty simple, but a really glorious combination of flavors! Also saute onions too! Top with parm!

      1. Well - this won't help you for tonight - but here are links to a couple of my favorites:

        Grilled/Broiled Chicken marinated in Yogurt - simple but delicious - - the rice dish a little further down on that thread is also delicious, but has a lot of somewhat unusual ingredients.

        Zucchini Risotto with Zucchini Flowers - a new one for me, but simple, tasty and makes a nice presentation -

        Cold Avocado Soup - - make sure to read further - I think I omitted the lime in the first posting of the recipe.

        1. bone-in chicken thighs. Wash them and salt and pepper them. Lay them in an ovenproog dish and put about 10 sprigs of fresh thyme around them. put in about 3 cloves of unpeeled garlic and sprinkle it all with olive oil - not too much! stick it in the oven at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes. Serve with basmati rice pilaf and a tomato salad. Awesome and easy!

          1. Like fish? This is my husband's favorite quick and easy fish preparation:

            Take your desired number of filets of white fish(I prefer halibut for this...but any mild white fish will work well). Dust in flour that has been seasoned with salt, pepper and mint.

            Sear both sides in a saute pan. Add equal amounts of dry white wine and juice(our favorites are grapefruit or...lemon, lime, orange also work well as well as mango). Cover and braise on low until fish is cooked through. Remove fish from pan, reduce sauce, season wiht S&P and serve sauce over fish. We like this served with couscous.