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Reasonably priced non-Chinese food place in or near Chinatown

My friends and I all live in and around the Chinatown area and, although we all love Asian cuisine, are getting kinda sick of it when we go out for dinner. We need some place to go that is relatively in-expensive, and probably not more than a 10-15 minute walk from Tufts NEMC. Any ideas, I’m stumped. Anything good near the common? Or in the downtown crossing area?


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  1. Have you tried Intermission yet? It's quite reasonably priced, and the food, while not haute cuisine by any means, always saitisfies me.

    It's where Charlie Flynn's used to be, but really, really cleaned up from those besotted days.

      1. Some non Chinese places worth trying include Xinh Xinh (Vietnamese), Penang (Singapore/Malaysian). If you're not considering anything Asian, a bit further afield is The Good Life.

        1. Jacob Wirths ... go for their grilled sausages ......and beer....
          Penang for Malaysian
          Sultan's Kitchen ...Turkish (a nice walk away from Chinatown, and GREAT food)

          1. Just got great Vietnamese Sandwiches at "163" which is located at 66 Harrison Ave. I think the sentences here are better than all other Vietnamese sandwhiches in Chinatown.

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              more expensive but a nice option, les zygomates on Lincoln Street I think.

            2. The North End is no more than a 15 minute walk away, if you're walking like a New Yorker.

              The only other thought I'm coming up with is the corner of Berkeley and Tremont Streets, but that's a little more upscale, money wise.

              1. You can get a decent burger at Rock City Brewing, or whatever it's called. Sandwich at Chacarero off Bromfield St., plus that bar on Bromfield is cheap (Sidecar?). The Paramount is a short walk down Charles St., altho their dinner menu gets pricier than the reasonable lunches and breakfasts. You could walk 10 or min to the south end and catch the Masa tapas happy hour. Speaking of happy hour, I think Blu still has their deal where all apps are $5 or 7 and cocktails are $9 until 7PM.

                1. Most of the South End is only a 15 minute walk from NEMC. Gaslight and Rocca are examples on Harrison Ave. On Washington St., Union Bar and Grill is not horribly pricey. Sage is there too, but I think that's probably out of your price range.

                  1. Good Life and Teatro. I wouldn't call them "inexpensive," but I would call them "relatively inexpensive."

                    1. Thanks so much for all the help. Silvertone actually looks pretty promising so I might give that a whirl . And def. check out the happy hours that were mentioned.