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Sep 19, 2007 01:45 PM

Thanks for St Paul recs

I just wanted to report back on the recs that you all gave for our recent trip to St. Paul. We ended up at the Downtowner Woodfire Grill. It worked out well location and kidwise and we were all pretty happy with it. The flat bread was delicious and my fish was very good and my son devoured his shrimp. However, our waiter was slightly odd and spoke very quickly. The chicken and (I think "mediterrean grill") pork were good but uninspired. After it was all said and done, I wish I had pushed harder for time!

We then made the trek to Izzy's which was a huge hit. We have an Izzy so they took her picture and gave her free ice cream! She was in heaven. The next morning we headed to the farmer's market and had some great egg and bagel sandwiches and enjoyed our stroll through the market. I picked up a few wonderful chocolate sauces to take home. I think she is a regular vendor so if you have not already done so you should try all of them. We have been putting them on everything - they go very well with crepes! I would not have found all of this without you twin city hounds. Thanks again!

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  1. Thank you for reporting back. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. And how fun to have an Izzy amongst you!


    1. Taking an Izzy to Izzy's - really it doesn't get better than that!

      Sorry Downtowner wasn't 100% - I've never had chicken there.

      1. Glad you had a good visit. Pretty sure the chocolate sauces you're talking about are from River Chocolate, right? I was there Sunday morning too, and tried her two new flavors:Caramel, and Whiskey Butter(scotch). Tried a drizzle of both on some Izzy's Hot Brown Sugar ice cream later that evening and was in hog heaven.

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          I just have to say you all are such a nice board! The coasts may be considered more sexy in some respects, especially in the food department, but mid-western hospitality can't be beat. I am off to Lucia's this weekend and wondering if any has any ordering tips?