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Sep 19, 2007 01:30 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner in a Restaurant

I want to take the family out (3 of us) for dinner on Thanksgiving Day. We're looking for a traditional meal (turkey and all the trimmings). Does anyone know of a restaurant in Toronto or North York that might be suitable? Any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Most hotel restaurants will be providing this especially the classic ones like King Eddie, Royal York etc...

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      We've been to Annona in the Park Hyatt at Avenue Road & Bloor and they do a great job. You can have either the traditional turkey dinner or one of two other choices. Very nice and in the past they have given us a gift from the kitchen to take home. Last year it was a jar of preserves....beautiful presentation too!

    2. This is a story that will either make you hoot in derision or ? Many, many years ago when my husband and I moved back to Toronto from the U.S. we did not have any 'family' to speak of living in Toronto ( alot of our friends did have Family and celebrated with them..poor hoo..we were not invited) The 4 of us, husband and 2 little kids and myself made a yearly tradition of going to our local restaurant that served a full Thanksgiving Dinner....Yes, it was Fran's at Yonge and St. Clair!! The food was good, we were always welcomed and served with graciousness AND we could afford it...The 'downside' was was always a scene straight out of "Eleanor Rigby" many single, old folks...we felt full when we left ..."all those lonely people...where did they all come from". It was truly a reminder that even a small family like the four of us had each other on a Holiday.
      Yes other Fran's exist but we haven't been in years and now we have a larger family so I do make a Thanksgiving Dinner at home AND we do give Thanks!

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        1. If you want to spend a little more money, my family and I are headed to the Royal Thanksgiving Brunch (buffet) at Casa Loma this year. It's $47.00 approx (including tax and tip) PP. It's turkey with all the trimmings and all sorts of other good stuff, and you can walk around the grounds afterward.

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            Sounds like a bargain to me, I think Annona is more like $60.

          2. The Pear Tree on Parliament has a Thanksgiving dinner menu for around $20.00 for a three course turkey dinner. I have eaten there a few times and it is fine. It is a good local restaurant with a great back patio. It is very popular with the locals and I would imagine they would serve up a good, traditional hanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings.

          3. Why, this is our idea as well. We'll be visiting our son in Toronto for the weekend and hope to go out for the traditional meal on Monday. He's just newly arrived in Canada, and will be missing U.S. Thanksgiving with the family in November. I am baking him my very best Mom's apple pie, though. Will it be really difficult to make reservations for any of the restaurants you have suggested if we wait until that weekend? Do many people spend the weekend in the city?

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