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Sep 19, 2007 01:19 PM

Stanton Social - where to sit?

Never been to Stanton Social but it's gotten rave reviews on this board and the pictures on the website look great, so I think we'll give it a try for a birthday dinner for our party of four. It looks like a huge restaurant and I would imagine that different parts of it have different levels of ambiance. This will be early on a Friday night (5:00) so we can make a show later. When I make the reservation, what part of the restaurant should I request that we be seated -- upstairs? downstairs? a particular great table? (if they'll allow me to request that kind of detail)? We want it to be extremely celebratory but at the same time, we want to hear each other. Thanks.

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  1. Downstairs for sure. The worst thing is to sit in the bar (upstairs) for a meal when the noise is deafening.

    1. Deifinitely sit downstairs. We went there for my birthday this year and there were 6 of us. We had a large round table in the middle of the restaurant. We definitely made it celebratory, but it was much later in the evening. I think we had 10:00 reservations, so it was very loud in the restaurant in general. You should be fine, noise level wise, at 5:00.

      1. We liked our table at the groundfloor.

        I have to admit, though, that we didn't find the restaurant to be that huge.

        1. At 5pm on a Friday, the only thing deafening in the place will be silence I imagine. I actually preferred sitting upstairs in the corded off area near the back stairs with a large group because it was a long table rather than a round and a lot less noisy than the downstairs, but this was at 10 on a Friday.

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            If it is indeed quiet at 5pm on a Friday (which sounds likely), I would sit upstairs. It's smaller and more intimate, I think. Otherwise everyone is right, the bar area upstairs is annoying when it's packed.

            1. re: JungMann

              But is the bar area upstairs still celebratory at 5:00 ala "birthday dinner" material?

              1. re: Marya

                Just sit's a great atmosphere, crowded or not.

                1. re: Marya

                  There's a seating area by the bar which cordoned off by a velvet rope. It's a smaller, more intimate space which I think lends itself to more of a celebratory atmosphere if you have the right crowd whereas the downstairs, if empty, is going to be cavernous only emphasizing that you're the only 4 people eating dinner at 5 in the afternoon.

            2. Went there recently for the first time, and we were a big group of girls (bachelorette party). We sat near the back stairs, like jsgjewels. The long table doesn't necessarily facilitate conversation between the whole party, but it was fine. While it was kind of tight, it was nice to kind of be away from everyone downstairs, and have our own little party.Wasn't too loud, but still very festive. By the way, I was really, really surprised that the food was so good - I was scared that this place was all hype. I think it's a great choice for a party.