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Sep 19, 2007 01:17 PM

Dinner on the way through Baltimore tomorrow

Hello 'hounds, and thanks for all the great Baltimore information. I'm going to be driving from north of Baltimore (Aberdeen) to BWI tomorrow evening and would love to get some good chow. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have enough time to join the Carolina dinner (plane back to Boston at 9). Soooo, I'd love two sets of recommendations, one for an early sit-down and one for takeout, depending on how much time I have before the plane. Easy-off/easy-on to 95 is a bonus, especially for the takeout option. Price is not a big factor although I don't usually go for a super-fancy dining experience when alone.

Finally and unfortunately, no shell fish, so crabcakes are out for me.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. This thread has some good ideas for casual sit-down places:

    I would suggest Henninger's or Lulu's, both in Fells Point for 'upscale' bar food sit down.

    Both are about 2 miles from 95, but you can then continue through the city, skip the tunnel toll and get right on 295 to go to the airport.

    For sit down or takeout, Samos in Greektown is close to 95.

    1. The Wine Market is right off 95, south of the tunnel. Dine at the bar.

      1. hhhmm, I'll try to do the math on the fly:

        start in Aberdeen
        + no shell fish
        + local fav good chow
        + takeout option
        + end in Baltimore
        Route 40 pit beef!

        It almost seems too obvious, perhaps I made an error? Did I forget to carry the one someplace?

        Rt 40 connects Aberdeen and Baltimore. Its a nicer drive and depending on the traffic might take you maybe 10 minutes longer. There are numerous pit beef stands as you approach the city.

        Pit beef, horseradish, raw onion, salt and pepper. You'll be the envy of the gate at BWI.

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        1. Thanks all for the wonderful recommendations. Unfortunately, I had to rush to the airport and I didn't have time to stop for dinner in your fair city tonight. Ah well, I'll be back to Baltimore (this is the third time this year already) and will revive this thread when I do. Thanks again so much.

          1. G & M Restaurant in Linthicum is not far from BWI. They have softball sized crabcakes plus the rest of the food is good. Its a throwback to the 60's type of local place which is best described as crummy but great and fairly priced.
            Gunnings Crab House in Hanover is near BWI and has good hard shell crabs and seafood
            Kaufmans Tavern in Odenton isn't far from BWI and also has good crabs and seafood