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Sep 19, 2007 01:03 PM

Authentic Mexican Interior: Las Palomas or Fonda San Miguel?

Will be staying in downtown Austin for 3 days in October, and renting a car, but a family occasion means that I only get to choose the restaurants for one dinner, and two lunches. I'm pretty set on trying Sam's for one of those lunches, but am looking to try seriously good interior Mexican food for the other meals. I've read a lot about Fonda San Miguel; is it really worth the $ vs. Las Palomas, or Curra's (I'm leaning towards Las Palomas based on my Chow search).

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Brunch at Fonda San Miguel is among my favorite culinary experiences just about anywhere. I believe it is about $50 a head, but it is a meal you will remember for long time. I've had dinners there ranging from decent to outstanding(I've only been 4 times for dinner) and the atmosphere is always great. I would say its worth the extra scratch because if anything it will be much more memorable.

    1. If you are looking for value go to Curra's. It's really good.
      Fonda San Miguel is a more gourmet/fine dining expierence. Great atmosphere.
      Las Polomas is also a favorite, it's in a strip mall yet the food is top notch.
      -I agree with Trhosian about Fonda's Brunch. :-)

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        Fonda San Miguel's brunch is wonderful IMO.

        Depending on location, Curra's might be OK. Frankly, the place doesn't wow me, but some people really dig it. I've had decent-to-good meals at the one on Oltorf. Their newest location on Parmer at McNeil leaves a lot to be desired. The food is eh-OK and the service has been bad and/or incompetent. They've lost many drink sales by not coming by the table to check on us. The margaritas are good though. I've never been to the North Burnet location.

      2. I like Fonda San Miguel and have never been to Las Palomas. I would not waste a meal on Curra's. Although I enjoy their conchinita pibil (at the Oltorf location), it is a place where I would grab a quick meal on a weekday night and not a place I would recommend to out of towners.

        1. El Meson, Borrego de Oro, Garibaldi's, Los Comales...

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            You can't beat El Meson for more stewed options (tinga,pipian,cochinita pibil)IMO. And for grilled we can't leave out Habenero. Although I find Habenero to have outstanding carnitas and al pastor.