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Sep 19, 2007 01:02 PM

What's in Boone?

Any Thai or similar Southasian?

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  1. there is a thai place now called cha da thai next to the wilcox emporium. they have good size servings and decent food in the restaurant. but we had them cater an event and they did a bad number on us. so there is pretty much a boycott against them among a lot of ASU students.

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        yeah,,,I figured it was something like that. you're right i couldn't have done anything about it....except your word of mouth about what they did....too bad, tho if it's the only thai rest in the area.

        1. re: crn

          its actually the only thai place in boone. closest one is in hickory. but i know a lot of my friends actually cook thai in their own apts. so probably better and safer choice to cook at home then order out. they just reserve eating on to other restaurants then cha da thai. bad thing is that other ASU celebrations probably would have used them for other events if it was good. but after this happening to our club, i doubt other organizations will use them since who knows if it could happen to them.

          not sure if you know this but there is one japanese restaurant that also serves indian cuisine. i have yet to tried the indian side but the old owners of the japanese restaurant food was ok. i can't really give a comparison since i worked for a japanese restaurant for so long and don't really like eating anywhere else if it is for japanese food. its called sakura and its right near the bowling alley in boone if you know where thats at.

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            i'll be there next week & hopefully the people that i'm with will want o go there. thanx for the info!

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Cha Da Thai is a wonderful Thai restaurant that opened last Fall in Boone. The food is as good as I have ever had in the US and even Thailand.

          We always considered the High Country close to paradise....just missing a good Thai restaurant. This is now paradise! Thank you Cha Da Thai!