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Sep 19, 2007 12:31 PM

Vietnamese in Nassau County!!!!!!

Today in Newsday, Joan Reminick reviewed a new Vietnamese place located in Williston Park. Seems like a great review, can't wait to try the place.

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  1. I was intrigued by the review also. Did you ever make it?

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    1. re: Matt L

      no not yet, I hope to make it by next weekend, if i don't, i won't be trying it for a month probably, (getting married and going on my honeymoon)

      1. re: jpf1980

        My goal will be to get there and report in before you get back.

    2. Oh, I had such high hopes for this place! Alas, I was somewhat disappointed, and though I will give it another try in the near future, I'll be heading back to Queens for a much better version of everything.

      We were a group of four adults and one child, all somewhat adventurous eaters. The menu seemed pleasant enough, though nothing that needed further explanation. I always like to try something I have never heard of before. I should have been tipped off by the lack of any chicken dish that was not based on "sauteed sliced white meat."

      We ordered two types of spring rolls, the shrimp salad rolls, and the steamed dumplings as appetizers. Both types of fried rolls were tasty, though we had to wait at least 10 minutes for the waitress to bring the dipping sauce. Sriracha sauce took another five minutes. The salad rolls were bland and had too much rice vermicelli. The shrimp seemed waterlogged, and the roll was so loosely wrapped that it completely fell apart when picked up. Don't bother with the steamed dumplings, a bland, sticky mess.

      Both pho bo (beef) and pho ga (chicken) were good, though I would have liked some other meats in there besides the sliced round. When asked for cilantro, the waitress was clueless, and brought me sliced scallions. Utensils we were given for the soup were small teaspoons and forks, and we had to ask for chopsticks.

      I must also note that each appetizer was brought out one at a time, and the wait seemed interminable. We were starving by the time the main courses arrived, but they were worth the wait.

      Crispy whole sea bass in a sweet-sour sauce was delightful, tender moist and beautifully presented, as was the beef bun-xao, reminiscent of a beefy pad thai. Likewise, the curry okra was very good. But the lemongrass beef was a diappointment, lacking both lemongrass flavor and chili heat. The onions in the sauce were barely touched by heat and tasted very raw, and the sauce was a thick, starchy gloppy mess. The beef itself was tender, and was greatly improved when I scraped off the offending goo and poured on some of the curry sauce from the okra.

      I must stress again how awful the service was. Uncomprehending, inattentive, and inept. I sincerely hope they improve.

      All in all, okay for a quick fix, but not very good.

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      1. re: phofiend

        Thanks for a fine but discouraging review. I want to go there because of the proximity to home rather than traveling to Flushing. My greatest interest is seafood pho. I called and the person said they have it. I was wondering how good it is. Has anyone tried it?