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Sep 19, 2007 12:27 PM

Where can I find Soyrizo? (Not Chorizo)

I know, I know, why would I want a soy-based chorizo when I can eat all the tasty chorizo that I've always grew up on. Well, I'm trying to lose the gut, and seriously, I make a freaking delicious soyrizo and jalapeño frittata.

So, where can I find El Burrito Soyrizo. So far I haven't found it in NY.
Your help is greatly appreciated. Manhattan or Brooklyn suggestions are welcome.

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    Amazon sells it in 3 - 12 ounces packs through its website if you are unable to find it locally. (Link above


    This may be a different brand.

    1. I know I've bought it locally (also not sure about the brand but what I've had is riquisimo) - can't remember where but I only shop a few places so it'd have to be either Key Food, Fairway or TJs....

      1. Not sure if you already found it this was a post from ages ago. I too love this stuff and found it at dagastinos on greenwhich between barrow and tenth...its been awhile since i have been in there as i moved uptown but worth a shot. I also think i found it at the union square one too. best of luck!

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          Trader Joe's sells very delicious, salty and greasy soy-rizo in their refrigerated section! I can't remember the brand, maybe its their own.

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            TJ's soy-chorizo is probably sourced from one of the major makers, so it's probably what you're looking for...very oily, orange-red staining, and it comes in a non-edible plastic tube to make it look like a sausage. Weird, and enjoyable.

        2. As already stated, Trader Joe's carries it for about $2. If you want to find restaurants that use it as part of their cooking, you can try:

          Papacitos (Brooklyn)
          Neighburrito (Manhattan)