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Sep 19, 2007 11:37 AM

Dining Near Hilton on O'Farrell

I am looking for suggestions for a dinner on Sunday evening that is not too far from the Hilton at 333 O'Farrell. We do have a car, but neither of us is very familiar with the area and our time is a bit limited. I am meeting someone for the first time so I'm looking for a place that's condusive to conversation and has a nice atmosphere. I don't want anything too expensive, but by the same time I don't want a pub type of place. I'm open on cuisine, Chinese, Tapas, So. American, Mexican, Seafood, American, Italian, we're pretty eclectic.

I don't know San Francisco very well, but the dining I know of there has been very cool, eclectic atmospheres, unusual cuisine, places that make you feel like you've been somewhere, not just that you'e eaten.

Appreciate your thoughts.

Just remembered a few places I have been wondering if they're any good still:

Kuleto's - union square
Empress of China
Chaya Brassiere - Embarcadero

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  1. Kuletto's (italian on powell)
    Le Colonial (vietnamese on taylor and post)
    Brick (mod. american on sutter and larkin)
    Cafe Andree (rex hotel - new chef - excellent food)
    Fini (italian next to hidden vine on post and taylor)

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        Thirsty Bear Brewing Co
        661 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105

      2. How about Farmer Brown, on Mason St, near Market St? American, locally sourced food; "cool, eclectic atmoshpere" is a fair description.

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          I think FarmerBrown may be too noisy for the OP's needs... a younger friend even complained about the noise level!

          In addition to the others listed (and I highly second Fino at 624 Post), maybe Grand Cafe? Nice Parisian boulevard cafe atmosphere, good food.


        2. Y'know, New Delhi is a very short walk away on Ellis near Cyril Magnin Street (short street between Powell and Mason streets) has a very pleasant atmosphere -- high ceilings, lovely painted columns, understated colors -- and it's not noisy. You can actually have a conversation.

          1. Scala's (Northern Italian/Northern CA/Provencal French) on Union Square.