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Sep 19, 2007 11:19 AM

Takeout Thai Soup?

Anyone have info as to where to get spicy thai soup in downtown toronto? Used to go religiously to the the take-out resto section of Bangkok Garden...they'd make it to order in front of you...lots of fresh chilies, chicken, fish balls, tofo, fresh coriander...mmmmmm. Haven't been able to find anything close. Any suggestions?

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    1. Does Bangkok Garden no longer have a takeout section?

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      1. re: vorpal

        Why not just make it yourself? You can get all the fresh ingredients to make the main Thai soups and do a much better job than most places in town. I make Tom Yam Koong and Tom Kha Gai all the time and they taste pretty much like the old country.

        1. re: koknia

          I definitely second this. You can make cheap tom kha gai at home with a quick visit to Chinatown, and it tastes great.

        2. re: vorpal

          No. The take out section (I think it was called "Thai Sensations") disappeared after the renovation. I miss that soup as well....

        3. There's a good recipe in Wandee Young's Young Thailand cookbook. I think it came out in the 80s.

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            Wandee's recipe will be Westernized.
            There is only one Thai cookbook you need, "The Elegant Taste of Thailand: Cha Am Cuisine". Hugely popular in the original Thai version, later translated to English. The recipes are simple, with none of the ridiculous substitutions and omissions of other English language guides
            You will also need a REAL mortar and pestle, not one of those marble things for medicine. Make sure one piece is wood, the other stone.