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Sep 19, 2007 11:14 AM

Romantic Anniversary Restaurant

Need help on picking out a romantic restaurant for our anniversary. Price range should be around $200 for my wife and I. Ideally, we'd like a place that isn't too casual, but not too stuffy either. My wife likes to dress up, so it should be a place where she would feel out of place in a dress and I would feel uncomfortable in a suit (sans tie). Would love a place downtown, preferably West Village, but willing to travel for a great meal and romantic environment. It seems that we go to the same places for special occasions, so I'd like to stay away from Nobu or any of the Batali restaurants this time. PLUS, my wife is a vegetarian, so there must be ample choices for her as well. Thanks for your help!

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  1. i think you're basically asking for directions to annisa. best.anniversary.idea.ever.

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      Agreed - I've been posting about it a lot lately as we went a week or so ago. Though there are a number of vegetarian appetizers, I don't see any entrees - might be worth calling ahead to see if they could do something for you. Otherwise fits your dress/ambiance requirements. Since you are not a vegetarian - I recommend the soup dumplings with foie gras.

    2. I highly recommend L'Impero. We had a wonderful dinner there a few weeks ago. New chef Michael White, who took over from Scott Conant, is putting out sensational modern Italian cuisine, even better, in my view, than Conant's. Not sure what you consider "ample" vegetarian choices, but the current menu has two each on the apps and pasta menus. And it may be possible to alter some of the other pastas to fit your wife's requirements.

      Service is cordial and professional. The space has elegant decor and romantic ambiance. Not a hint of stuffiness, and you and your wife will feel quite comfortable dressing up.

      Happy Anniversary and Buon Apetito!

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        i'll second l'impero. good food, pleasant room. besides, i'm a sucker for tudor city. maybe the best kept secret in manhattan.

      2. Mas is also super romantic. It's in the W.Village on Downing. You may want to call ahead and get one of the roomier tables for your anniversary.

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          It's been quite a while since I've gone to Mas, but I thought the food was terrific.