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Sep 19, 2007 11:11 AM

Hollywood/Vine - veg. friendly, quick, easy on the wallet

I've been going through the many threads for dinner options around Hollywood and Vine... and though I see oft-mentioned Magnolia, Hungry Cat, Bowery, etc, I'm not sure if they are suited for my upcoming venture to the area.

As far as I know, my dinner companion eats only kosher meats, otherwise vegetarian. I am not well-versed in kosher meats but I don't think a bbq-only joint would work. ;) We're also trying not to do too much damage on the wallet... let's say $20 max per person, no drinks.

We'd like to be in and out of the restaurant in 1 hr for dinner. Is this possible? :P Walking distance from the Hollywood/Vine intersection would be preferable, as we're going to IOWest. Recommendations greatly appreciated!

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  1. Probably not walkable, but M Cafe de Chaya seems to fit 1 hour for dinner and under $20pp.
    7119 Melrose Ave. and La Brea Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

    1. You might try calling Honey to see if they'll prepare a veggie dish. They are in the Avalon (a block N of Hollywood & Vine). They have many veggie appetizers, and with just a little effort, I'm sure they could pull together a veggie entree. Or you could share appetizers for under $20 each.

      The other option that comes to mind (although it may be too far for you to walk) is Eat on Sunset. I went there for lunch with a vegetarian friend a few weeks ago. He just asked if they had a vegetarian dish and they prepared a beautiful plate with steamed vegetables and a creamy dipping sauce.

      Truly is an inexpensive vegan Thai restaurant on Hollywood and Bronson. It's closer than Eat, but further than Honey... and the whole restaurant is vegan. This is probably about 1 mile from IOWest.

      There's also a little boutique sandwich shop about a block N of Hollywood on Wilcox. This is way under your $20 limit, and I've had a delicious avocado and sprouts sandwich there. Sorry, can't remember the name now. But I'll be waking by there later today and will get back to you.

      Or you could go to Micelli's or the Italian place on Hollywood and Cherokee? and order pastas.

      1735 Vine Street, in the Avalon Theater
      (323) 462-3000

      1448 N. Gower, Corner of Sunset
      (323) 461-8800

      5907 Hollywood, just W of Bronson

      1646 Las Palmas, half block S of Hollywood
      (323) 466-3438

      1. Though not an obvious choice, Lucky Devils has a few veggie-burger and salad options and everything is pretty much < $15.

        I was going to mention the vegan restaurant on Bronson, but lil mikey beat me to it. I haven't been nor have I noticed any reports.

        Has anyone been to Tom Yum Thai there on Hollywood and Ivar? Perhaps that would be an option also.

        Also, Caffe Etc on the corner of Cahuenga and Selma serves veggie friendly sandwiches and paninis and salads. They're open until 11pm.

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          If Tom Yum Thai is the one on the southeast corner, it's closed.... moved to Inglewood. I just noticed yesterday.

          Oh, and getting back to the OP on the boutique sandwich shop on Wilcox, it's called Yonni. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I think they have more than just sandwiches.

          Another development I noticed on Wilcox is the little Thai place just north of Hollywood is now a shabu shabu place. I really want to try this as there are no other shabu shabu places nearby.

          1. re: SauceSupreme

            Lucky Devils has vegetarian-friendly options?? Excellent to hear! I'm quite a meat-eater myself so I would prefer a place that would satisfy both of us. There are some good words about Lucky Devils and it's only a few blocks down... we could use the walk for those calories. Thanks SauceSupreme!

            Then again, I also like the idea of sandwiches for our quick meal... both Yonni (thanks lil mikey!) and Caffe Etc sound great and cozy... I'll discuss these options w/my dining companion!

            1. re: gsmoose

              Caffe Etc is really just a coffee shop that has a limited menu. Lucky Devil sounds like more of what you're after.