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Sep 19, 2007 11:09 AM

Any great recipes using Candied Ginger Puree?

Have a jar of this from TJ's and really want to use it in something today, while I have a baking urge going on. Any ideas?-

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  1. I don't know how strong the ginger is, but I suspect it would be nice spread as a layer underneath some pears in a pear crostata or tart. Or maybe as a glaze for pumpkin bread?

    1. Work it into a shortbread recipe.

      1. Funny you should ask since we just found out that TJ's isn't carrying this anymore and I was looking for another source when I found your question.
        Take a log of chevre. Coat with the ginger puree. Stand back so you don't get trampled. A friend brought this to a party and it was the biggest hit there.

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          I just found Mackays spiced ginger preserves in Pathmark! Delicious. Thanks for the great ideas.

        2. I use TJ's candied ginger puree all the time. I rub it on chicken and pork before I bake them. Also, I put a big spoonful in each half of an acorn squash before I bake the squash. To the person who said TJ isn't carrying this any more, look with the jam under the name of Ginger Spread. Jar is big and round, a bigger jar than the previous similar product. It is currently available in the Chicago stores. I am so glad to see a post on this under-appreciated product; I am always stopping strangers in the aisle to tell them about it.

          1. Don't laugh, but I love a big tablespoon of this stuff dissolved in hot water as ginger "tea" when I have a sore throat. Squeeze of lemon, dash of cayenne, and suddenly I feel much better.

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              A friend gave me a jar and I do the exact same thing, minus the cayenne.