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Any great recipes using Candied Ginger Puree?

Have a jar of this from TJ's and really want to use it in something today, while I have a baking urge going on. Any ideas?-

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  1. I don't know how strong the ginger is, but I suspect it would be nice spread as a layer underneath some pears in a pear crostata or tart. Or maybe as a glaze for pumpkin bread?


    1. Work it into a shortbread recipe.

      1. Funny you should ask since we just found out that TJ's isn't carrying this anymore and I was looking for another source when I found your question.
        Take a log of chevre. Coat with the ginger puree. Stand back so you don't get trampled. A friend brought this to a party and it was the biggest hit there.

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          I just found Mackays spiced ginger preserves in Pathmark! Delicious. Thanks for the great ideas.

        2. I use TJ's candied ginger puree all the time. I rub it on chicken and pork before I bake them. Also, I put a big spoonful in each half of an acorn squash before I bake the squash. To the person who said TJ isn't carrying this any more, look with the jam under the name of Ginger Spread. Jar is big and round, a bigger jar than the previous similar product. It is currently available in the Chicago stores. I am so glad to see a post on this under-appreciated product; I am always stopping strangers in the aisle to tell them about it.

          1. Don't laugh, but I love a big tablespoon of this stuff dissolved in hot water as ginger "tea" when I have a sore throat. Squeeze of lemon, dash of cayenne, and suddenly I feel much better.

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              A friend gave me a jar and I do the exact same thing, minus the cayenne.

            2. I just used this in a salad dressing. The salad was diced Granny Smith apples, arugula, and bell peppers. The dressing was a good dollop of this puree thinned with some white wine vinegar and splash of cream sherry. My wife thought it would be a good Thanksgiving dish.


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                That sounds lovely - and I can imagine dried cranberries being a nice substitute for the bell peppers for Thanksgiving. I always make my cranberry relish with candied ginger and toasted almonds, which is what made me think of that.

              2. just yesterday i made a pear-ginger cake, and stirred some of the puree into a caramel sauce to go on top. the pears weren't particularly "wow", so the cake wasn't, either...but i'm eating the caramel by the spoonful!
                (i'm now officially scared that this will be discontinued, and i'm heading to tjs to pick up a case...just as i did with vanilla paste...now out of stock, but rumored to be heading back for the holidays.)

                1. Wow-thanks for the fabulous ideas, people. Love them all and will be trying some. I think it'd be good stirred into vanilla ice cream base, too (or maybe peach...???). My best friend is a manager for Trader Joe's...I'll call and ask her for the scoop on this product.