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Sep 19, 2007 11:06 AM

HELP! Where can a foodie can eat in Allentown, PA?

Please help.
We need a place for a nice meal on a Friday night. Don't care what the price is as long as it's good-
We'll be traveling for many hours and then would like to have a good meal without cream or loaded with mozzarella cheese :)
Easy parking would be appreciated too...
Not asking for much right?

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  1. I would suggest PJ Wheelan's then. Its a nice bar.
    Pistachio is nicer but its mostly pastas.
    Both have thier own parking lots.

    If you can go a little further, Bethelhem Brew Works is great too.

    1. I definitely recommend the Farmhouse in Emmaus. Great atmosphere, amazing beer selection. I've only had appetizers there but have heard great things about their dinners - focus on local fresh ingredients. Definitely a good place if price is no objerct because it is on the expensive side... which is why I have been "saving up" for dinner there.

      1. Here's another good one...Savory Grille, Seisholtzville Pa, which is near

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          Thank you ALL for your help I really appreciate it!!!!


          Try here...don't know if its up to the level of a foodie, but good.