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Sep 19, 2007 11:03 AM

Kosher restaurants in Seattle

My orthodox brother may be moving to Seattle for a job opportunity. He went there recently to check it out and found that most of the kosher restaurants in Seattle are vegan or dairy. Does anyone know of any fleischik restaurants there?

Or any great kosher recs in the Seattle area would be great.

I know he checked out a great vegan Chinese restaurant, and an Indian restaurant and said they were both fantastic but probably wouldn't be his everyday choice of food.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. There is an Albertson's on Mercer Island - that has a nice selection of kosher food but interms of fleischig dining there is not much - have him check out http://www.shamash.org/kosher/ and search the seattle area or the seattle V'aad - http://www.seattlevaad.org/Restaurant...

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      The Albertsons is really your only bet in terms of Fleischik. There is a Caterer there by the name of Nosh-A-Way who used to run a fleishcik place but the community didn't support it. He still does a fair amount of catering and some shabbos take out (Only pre order though).

      The 2 places that are frequented most are the Vegan Chinese, Bamboo Garden. And the vegan Indian, Pabla. Both of these are under the Vaad (Selected Pabla locations though). There are a few other vegan places as well which are a little farther away from the Jewish area of Seattle. There is also a bagel place, Noah's Bagels which has one location under the vaad.

      I have heard rumors that talks are on going about opening a Pizza Place inside of the JCC. I am sure Seatle residents are keeping their fingers crossed.

    2. Thanks everyone for the information and suggestions. It seems like he's tried out most of what they have to offer. He knew about Albertsons already but I was wondering if there were more options than that. He did decide to move there though so maybe he will find out about more.

      1. i lived in Seattle for six months and ate virtually every day at Bamboo Garden. As a red meat kind of guy I thought I would eventually tire of vegan food but I actually always enjoyed eating their. I also a huge amount of weight which upon returning to NYC was gained back

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