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Sep 19, 2007 10:36 AM

dives in seattle saught!

What Seattle dives are there that are must tries? Any extremely original dishes that we should go on excersions for? My father is making an attempt to explore food. So far his favorite show regarding the topic is Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins which is... interesting. In the spirit of playing along, I have done a little of my own research and taken him to Hattie's Hat, Beth's, and the Sloop. He has also mentioned that he heard there was one was right next to Northlake Pizza. I would love the help with locating new places and being the know when we do go. Thanks!

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  1. The Pacific Inn Pub is perhaps not as deep of a dive as others in this town, but still qualifying IMO. It has outstanding fish and chips, and a great jukebox.

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      1. there used to be a Korean place called 'Korea #1' which was downtown and killer!!! Very cheap/bad english on the signage and great food....check it if it is still in business...

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          #1 went out of business, coincidentally (?), not long afer a poster hereabouts observed less than sanitary food prep there. I intended to check it out one day anyway, but it has become a falaffel and gyros place. I have not tried it.

        2. When I think dive, it makes me think of Wingmasters on 24th in Ballard. Super divey atmosphere though--females should not go alone and/or unarmed.

          BUT they used to have the best jerk chicken wings around (the chef was then fired, I'm guessing he is back by now, that's the kind of place it is) and Mozzarella sticks the size of your forearm.

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          1. re: dagoose

            I second this recommendation heartily. Great wings--tasty sauce, 4 levels of hot, and, the best part, the wing skin is usually a little crispy.

            1. re: christy319

              Mike's is a classic choice!

              The show you refer to recently featured a diner on Bainbridge, maybe your dad would enjoy a ferry ride to eat at a place featured on his favorite show?

              When thinking of dives in Seattle Mecca in Uptown/Queen Anne comes immediately to mind, although Beth's and the Sloop aren't far behind. The place by the Northlake that you are thinking of might be Vera's. I'm personally not a fan - there's no 'there' there for me.

              1. re: cburnsi

                vera's is (was?) in ballard; the place abaft northlake pizza is voula's - neither ranks above ordinary though voula's somehow made it to the food network - an excellent dive is the shanty on elliott at the foot of queen anne.

                1. re: howard 1st

                  Yes! Right, Voula's. Sorry about that. It won some award a couple of year's ago for 'best breakfast' so I took myself on over there, but I felt it was nothing special.

                  I forgot to mention the name of the place on Bainbridge, too - it's Big Star Diner.

              2. re: christy319

                I am on a personal campaign.
                Mike's has absolutely the best chili-parlor building on the planet. Temporally, stylistically, it's a happy midway between the cowboy chuckwagon day of chili and the happy day of the Humvee. I could wax-on about the perfection of the building and its appropriateness as a chili parlor, but that is only half my stump. The other half is that the best Chili in town (and I would take stiff bets on the whole country), is at World Class Chili, in the Market. Bummer of my day, today, at lunch, was learning that the market is planning to reassign the public seating area that helps keep World Class Chili alive in what they hope will be more directly profitable directions. For my money, boosting the bottom line of the Pike Place PDA is not as culturally significant as preserving Joe's Chili parlor. The best of all possible outcomes is for Mike to sell to Joe or some way get together - the two of them have a cosmically unbeatable combination. The best of all possible chili-parlor-buildings, and the best of all possible chili. Mike has reportedly rebuffed earlier approaches, and he seems to be doing OK down there (If the new development in "The Ballard Blocks" doesn't kill him), but the cultural health of the world will be best served if we can get these two together, and this may be the hot-iron moment. Joe is under the gun from the PDA, and Mike, from the new (TJ, yay) development. It's perfectly on the growing edge of Ballard, one of the hottest new foodie neighborhoods ever. OK, so Seattle has seen a lot of these come, and some go, but this one has legs, as the skirts of Ballard reach ever toward the late, lamented, Fremont (sorry, Suzie, but you caved to the evil empire and screwed this one up).
                So, there it is, the opportunity of several lifetimes.

                1. re: mrnelso

                  Oh god, please let this never happen. I can't stand World Class Chili. Maybe it was just an off day when I was there, but, it was somewhere just a shade below 'ok'. I've always found Mike's to be far superior.

                    1. re: jaydeflix

                      Having lived in Texas, I love World Class Chili's Texas chili...simply the best I've had outside of Texas. Haven't had Mike's, haven't had WCC's Cincinnati chili. But as Mr. Nelso says, there's no accounting for taste. To each his own.