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Sep 19, 2007 10:31 AM

Spiga Trattoria Italiana Review

A lot of folks have been inquiring about this restaurant, so I'll give a quick review of my takeout lunch experience.

18 Highland Circle
Needham, MA
p: 781-449-5600
w: (doesn't work yet


I give this restaurant a:
Food: 7.8
Atmosphere: 8.5
Service: 7.4
Overall: 7.9

Location & Atmopshere:
The location is tough and hard to get in and out of; especially from 12:30pm-1:30pm. There is plenty of parking once you get behind the carpet shop.
Very clean and tidy outside with an pleasant outdoor atmosphere. They have a few tables on the patio, which were all filled by stay-at-home moms. Once you get inside, it opens up nicely. You order at the counter and it gets delivered to your table. The place is decorated with italian flare; paintings with heavy brushstrokes and deep warmly painted walls. Very clean inside. Almost spotless.

Staff was all male. They were pleasant enough, nothing to dote about. I didn't have table service, so I can't comment on that. I did observe a woman who had to come back in the restaurant to get a glass of water.

They have a pretty limited menu made up of four groups: salad, pizza, panini, and pasta. I ordered some raviolis which were delicious. The portion was hearty enough for lunch, but maybe throw a couple more in for dinner. My coworker ordered, "Amatriciana", which is penne sauteed with onion, home-made smoked pancetta, in a red wine plum tomato sauce. He said the pasta was a little overdone, but the sauce was unbelievable. Portion was enough for lunch.

I heard, from another reviewer, that the pizza and panini's were fantastic. I saw a pizza coming out of the oven and wanted a slice bad. I overheard a cook saying that their cheese is homemade. I wondered if they had their own cows?

Quick shots:
-They didn't give us any bread for takeout. I wished they did, as it would of complemented by raviolis perfectly. (Probably my biggest gripe.)
-No white/cream sauce entrees. So if you are looking for alfredo, etc., this is not your place. All dishes are primarily tomato based.
-They have a small 5 stool bar with beer/wine offerings.
-Fantastic looking desert offerings. All homemade.
-Full coffee menu with all the espresso/cappuccino/lattes/etc. I was almost enticed into getting an iced mocha for $4.50.
-They have gelato.

Final Comments:
Overall, nice, small italian place with an "everything homemade" motif. I don't get to experience the true Spiga, until I sit down for dinner. When I go back, I will post a more comprehensive dinner review.

To be a nice guy and a good reviewer, I've scanned in and uploaded their lunch menu. It is attached. :)

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  1. Thanks. You are a nice guy and a good reviewer. I had no idea they were open for lunch.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I reported on my take-out recently on another post but to sum it up, I thought that it was an attractive site though somewhat strange due to the location behind all the commercial properties; the mushroom pasta I got was very good but the pizza was not very good, the crust was very dry, cardboard like. I usually judge my pizza by the crust not the ingredients and this crust was not good in my opinion.

      2. Had dinner st Spiga. Had the papardelle with lamb ragu. If a restaurant is going to tout their homemade pasta - it best be good. This was very tough and thick - have had some succulent pappardelle in other local places. The linguine con vongole pasta was good - clam preparation not up to spicy par. The gnocchi were not very good - and in some sort of inedible shell. All in all - will not return - just sub par.