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Sep 19, 2007 10:26 AM

New to Lakewood, CO - help me eat out!!

I love to eat out and all cuisine! Personal favorites are italian, a great burger, mexican and sushi!! I just moved into the area help me please. Cost is not an issue if the food is worthy.

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  1. You'll probably have the most luck with ethnic food on Federal and then more upscale things in Denver. I know there have been a bunch of threads on both. Off the top of my head though Vesta Dipping Grill, Fruition, Limon and Sushi Den are all good places to start.

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    1. re: RobynS

      Not sure if your title means you are primarily interested in Lakewood restaurants or just the general metro area? There are many threads on peoples favorite restaurants, burgers, etc in Denver metro. I have a few ideas in Lakewood:

      Italian: Jordanos (West Jewell. Nothing cutting edge but really good food. One of my favorites. Can be difficult to get a table.). 240 Union is kind of Italian/med/seafood.

      Pizza: The Oven and Virgilios (one in Belmar, one nearby). Not to start a debate, but many people consider these to be among the best pizza places in the area.

      Mexican: Chama (also in Belmar- a little more "upscale" Mexican)

      Sushi: Kobe An on Union is pretty good especially for "happy hour." There is/was also a sushi place off Colfax in an old house that was great but am drawing a blank on the name.

      1. re: ColoradoFun

        I just started a job out on 6th & Union... (and am new to CO, so this is just my inital feedback on lakewood)

        i second Virgilio's (best pizza I've had in CO so far, by a mile) and Kobe An

        also off union is the "taste of denmark" bakery, their pastries can be a little inconsistent from time to time, but they are tasty. the have a poppyseed & sesame seed twist and a multi-grain (flax and sunflower) "danish" that are good. and anything apricot filled is lovely.

        I had brunch at cafe bisque (also on union), can't speak for lunch, but their brunch items were tasty and butter laden.

        has anyone been to Kona coffee in the same strip? I have been meaning to try and find something other than starbucks in the area.

        also I have heard Wahoo's has good fish tacos, though it is a local chain

        oh yeah, and avoid "jose o'shea's" it is apparently a lakewood land mark, but frankly I thought it mediocre mexican food at best.

        good luck and please report back with any new finds...

        1. re: withalonge

          Kona Coffee and Cafe Bisque (and Limon downtown) have the same owners so you'll get the same GREAT quality, the coffee at Kona is absolutely the best you will find in Denver - they have great real fruit smoothies and fabulous pastries too. Kona is my favorite "snack" spot in Lakewood! I lived in that area for a few years and there isn't much there in terms of good food. I know this is very late since you posted, but welcome and enjoy!

    2. We stopped at 240 Union last week. As stated in another thread, the place is headed downhill. They still have their dedicated locals. However, the food we had wasn't even marginal, it was poorly prepared and presented.