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Sep 19, 2007 10:20 AM

Question about Sushi Shibucho

I have read great reviews on Sushi Shibucho and am thinking about going there for the first time on Sat. I'd like some suggestions to make this as nice of an experience as we can since my husband and I rarely have the chance to dine out sans kids. How do we get a seat with Shibutani vs. the son? Do you recommend omakase or order a la carte? What are some things we must try there? Are reservations required? Any other suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. We have mastered a strategy to get seats in front of Shibutani: Call ahead and get reservation at opening time (6pm?), and make sure you get there before they open!

    It's amazing that given the same fish, Shibutani's sushi is so much better than his son's. However, son speaks perfect English and it is more fun to sit and chat with him. And of course, omakase!!!.

    I heard that lately the fishing vessles are not fetching as much fish as they normally would and everybody is complaining. That shouldn't stop you from going to there but it'll bea good idea to ask Shibutani-san what is good and fresh instead of having a "must try" list. Sometimes I asked for specific item and he'll say, " oh, that? No good today" and he served me something else.

    1. Shibucho has a positive write up in the recent OC Business Journal (09/17-23/07, vol 30 #38).

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