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Sep 19, 2007 09:54 AM

Calves Liver

Other than Joe Allen's, anyone know of good places for liver?

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  1. There's a really good liver at the italian restaurant on 42nd just east of second avenue on the north side of the street - sorry - I can't remember the name, but I had fabulous liver there!

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    1. re: divamon

      Do you mean 42nd St. just east of NE second avenue?

    2. It appears lately that some posters don't seem to realize that this is a FLORIDA board. Are you asking for restaurants with good liver throughout Florida or just in the town in which you live? (wherever that may be)

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      1. re: kenr

        Given the reference to Joe Allen's (in Miami Beach) I'm assuming the OP is looking for Florida recs.

        I'm having trouble thinking of calves' liver places. Soyka on Biscayne and 55th does chicken livers with bacon and onions. Timo in Sunny Isles often has chicken livers w/ a pappardelle pasta.

        1. re: kenr

          Sorry kenr, I thougfht this was a SoFla board so to answer your query: I'm looking in Miami/Miami Beach