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Sep 19, 2007 08:56 AM

Silver Spring

Any recommendations for dinner tonight? I'm meeting an old friend who's never been in this area before and he's staying in College Park. I'd like to take him somewhere nice (well, not divey) which has really good food. Come to think of it, I don't think that I've ever had a meal in SS.

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  1. Rays the classics. Simply can't go wrong there. May need a reservation. You can sit in the lounge area if you like; they have some specials there not served at in the dining room.

    1. Mandalay is nice and has consistently good food. Best dishes are mohingar, ginger salad, tofu with sour mustard, tofu with hot peppers, pork with pickled mango, and shweji.

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        I'll second Mandalay, even though I have been only once. Good stuff.

        If you're willing to deviate from Silver Spring, you can always try Udupi Palace near the intersection of 650 and 193 inside the beltway. No beer or wine, and it's all vegetarian, but the food is great Indian. Yum!

      2. If the restaurant should offer outdoor seating, that would be a plus with this great weather that we've been having.

        1. If you are adventurious go to Adais Abba (I didn't spell that right) for some pretty good Ethiopian food.

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            And Addis Ababa has outdoor seating on the roof!

            No outdoor seating at Ray's the Classic's, but I agree that it's the best place around, hands down, and if you eat in the bar, they have a $20 3-course bar menu!